A Light in the Dark

December 1, 2011
By IanTheGreat BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
IanTheGreat BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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“Good Evening,
The tragedy that occurred yesterday is permanently embedded into our souls. The people who lost their lives will always be remembered in our hearts. This attack has created the largest death count this world has ever seen. I would like to commemorate the brave men and women who traveled to New York City on an emergency call. The brave lives of the lost and the brave lives of the living are being dedicated this day. America has been struck hard.
Our nation has never had such a threat appear. The events of May 1, 2064, will be remembered throughout history as acts of horrific terror. Our great country was attacked by an international “trade” organization that has no political affiliation with any known nation. We have very little information on the exact name and whereabouts of this group. This is what we do know: The attacks killed at least seven million Americans. We know this: This was a sudden and deliberate attack from an evil unknown. We know this: The unknown evil possesses weapons of mass destruction and it plan on using them again.
Our troops have retaliated in the only way they know how: creating a formidable defense. Our borders are being secured. All international travel is being canceled until further notice. The enemy has implanted itself in this glorious nation. We must remove its corruption. I, President Siril Bordra, officially declare an international state of martial law. Our country is polluted with evil from within. This evil must be stopped at all costs. As an emergency procedure, the Congress and I have agreed to start a military draft tomorrow, May 3, 2064. These quick decisions will move America closer towards ending this conflict.
I know this is a time of sadness and fear. All hope seems to be falling from our grasp. There is something we must all know: Our great republic has stood firm for freedom and hope since it was created. I do not see why this should stop now, when we need it the most. The enemy is strong and well hidden in their hideouts on foreign and domestic soil, but we are far stronger. The spirit of America will not fail us. It is times like this that make us all remember what this republic proudly stands for: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The atomic bomb detonated in New York City, yesterday, was the enemy’s display of power. The enemy has attempted to remove our liberty from us. Just because they removed the statue that stood for it, does not mean they removed what the statue stood for. American life is what this country plans on preserving. The globe is pinned against us.
The world is in a crisis. Wars and revolutions have scattered the earth with blood and fire. America has been trying for so long to prevent this inevitable war. When these conflicts began to occur, we chose to stay neutral. Taking sides would bring more pain to the world. Our attempts at diplomacy were futile. Trying to keep peace in this unstable world was not working. This “international organization” had and has been providing weapons to revolutionaries and governments alike. All these people want is chaos and war. They succeeded. Many nations had enough troops and weapons to crush the rebellions, but the rebellions were also well supplied. Both sides had an equal advantage. The longer the war raged, the longer this company profited. This organization vowed not to send any weapons of mass destruction to any country. Its promise was broken, yesterday, when it desecrated our country
Amongst this darkness of war, is a light, a beacon of hope—hope that this world will become peaceful again. America is that very light. Our adversaries have attempted to put out our flame. Fear not my fellow Americans, for they have not extinguished the light in the darkness. The radiance of a thousand suns burning in the skies of New York proved their evil. It did not prove their power. Our light was fought with fire. The fires of a thousand suns only strengthened the bond of liberty in this country. We will not allow this beacon of hope to be destroyed by the fires of hell. We will not allow this republic to be crippled under the power of darkness. We will destroy them. We must preserve our freedom at all costs. The preservation of this freedom is crucial. The defense of America is not just for Americans. It is for the good of all man. All freedom and democracy has been removed from the earth, leaving America alone in the dark. It is our civic duty to defend the only freedom left in this world.
Once this crisis is solved, the light in the dark will shine the brightest it’s ever been. The enemy cannot and will not win. This act of unimaginable cruelty on an unimaginable level will not go unnoticed. I ask for the support of all Americans. Some of you may see little hope or light at the end of the tunnel. I know this pain, but as Americans, we are obliged to lead the people to the light at the end of the tunnel. The light does exist and we will bring the world to it. This cascading pit of darkness will not consume the only power left to stop it.
The enemy knows we are its only threat. We are the only ones standing in its way of a global empire. The enemy is deeply rooted into the foundation of even our greatest allies. This is why I am enacting a third venture. I hereby give the United States Military executive order in the decision of invading any country that deems necessary. This order must ensue. The enemy is everywhere. We cannot sit around and wait for them to make their next move. In order to be one step ahead of them, we have to make the next move. I know this may look like a step backwards for America, but I can assure you this is for us. This is not for any kind of personal gain, for any business or administration. This is for the people. The people are the ones who matter. Our country has had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people since its creation and it will not stop now. We stand by our people and we will defend them.
The enemy do not believe life holds value. This is why they are willing to kill so many. I am here to tell you that your government of the people, by the people, and for the people believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These truths are self-evident. We do not need proof that everyone deserves freedom. We all deserve freedom. The enemy has removed this very freedom from all other nations. We will not let these communists destroy our freedom. We shall overcome these difficult times and retaliate. We must fight.
Most Americans are thinking that this administration will go by ‘an eye for an eye’ philosophy, but as we all know, ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind.’ We shall not use any weapons of mass destruction. We do not feel that the blood of innocents burning in the skies will affect these cruel monsters. Using nuclear weapons would not set the example of peace but rather an example of death and destruction. Innocent people will not be harmed in this conflict. Weapons of mass destruction are discontinued from use in America. I assure the world that this will not become an international use of nuclear missiles. The world will not see the same fate as our loved ones in New York.
I know people may be afraid. We all fear for the continuation of the American dream, but many also fear for their lives. As Americans we must overcome this fear. I assure you that ‘There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. ’ Our foes have put us into a time of mourning, fear, and anger. I ask all Americans to take these feelings and enact them through patriotism. True and pure patriotism will guide America. With this, we can carry our flame through the darkness safely. With the support of the people, we can solve this crisis. With the people, we can eradicate the opposition. With you, we can save the republic. With you, we can win this war. With you, we will make the light in the dark burst into the sky to remove all the evil. We need you, America.
Good Night”——
—— President Siril R. Bordra, May 2, 2064. This powerful speech was broadcasted across America, from the white house, just a day after the Global Revolutionary Force (GRF) destroyed New York City with an atomic bomb. Three days after giving these inspirational words President Bordra was assassinated. After Bordras assassination, America went into a state of chaos. When the GRF saw that America was too unable to control itself, it invaded. The GRF took power within months of fighting. Without America in the way, the GRF (now GUCS, Global Union of Communist States) took control of the earth.
This speech by Siril Bordra is the last known speech for democracy. Communists regulate all public speaking and book publishing. I obtained this speech on a disk, when I was looking for scraps in a trash heap. His words gave me hope. Writing his speech in this journal is so risky. I could be caught and killed. Secret police are everywhere. They watch our every move. No one in this world see’s any hope. I know there could still be hope. I believe we all should be free. Finding this speech was my destiny. It shows that we can all fight for freedom we just need to believe. Though America has not existed for a long time I plan and restoring its firm standing on freedom. I believe I am being passed the torch. I believe that I am the light in the dark. I will secure the worlds freedom or die trying.

The author's comments:
What would happen to the world if America, the "greatest democracy of the world," fell apart?

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