Coming Home

November 26, 2011
As I sit in the living room with my sister I watch the beautiful flames of the fire dance along the logs. My cat is sitting in my lap, slightly purring herself into a comforting sleep. I hear my little sister stroking the brush down her doll’s soft curls and the clacking of dishes as my mother’s once frail hands clear away the remains of our meal. She stares blankly outside of the window in front of her, her eyes slowly following the patterns of the trees. My brothers are at work, trying to help with what they can. I take a big sigh as I pack my life away into the last of the boxes. My dad stares from the love seat, watching each memory passing through my hands. He sees the pain in my eyes, as each tear makes the journey down my cheek. For a moment I pity myself, thinking about how this day has happened twice before, how each time I leave a part of my life behind, how to adjust with this instability. But I keep quiet, not whispering a word, my thoughts constantly jumping from place to place. I hear the moving truck outside backing into the parking spot. The wheels gliding along the wet road as the clouds cry away their sorrow. It is time to go. We put everything into the truck one by one. I watch my house being packed away. Today was the day I would step away from my palace and enter what was to be called our new home. “Home”, the thought echoes through my mind. No, I wasn’t going home. Home meant so much more before than it does now. Where I was going was merely a shell of a home. It would have no memories, no happiness. It would just be six people confined in four bleak white walls. I went to sleep that night lost in thought. Hours passed when the bird’s song finally had awoken me. The sun was shining through the window, the fingers of warmth were touching my skin. I went down stairs to find my mom making pancakes with a smile on her face. There was an unusual twinkle in her eyes. The rest of my family seemed to be enjoying the breakfast with morning conversation and laughter. I sat down to eat my breakfast and my lips started to reach for my ears. There were memories to be made and much happiness was to come. My family is here with me. This was my home, this is my home.

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