Waste of a Young Soul

November 29, 2011
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His eyes were of they deepest, most luscious brown. His hair was perfect, like it was perfectly wind blown. he had the most beautiful, oh his smile. It brings rosy color to my cheeks just thinking about his smile. He had a way of looking at anyone and making them feel special, no matter who it was. Too bad it had to end.
He was only fifteen when he died. He had been on his way to the local grocery store when he decided to stop by my house just to be polite because he knew i was feeling down. Oh how i wish that he hadn't. The store was just down the block, but you had to cross the street first. I walked him out the door, I watched him cross it, but nether of us saw the car speeding down the street. The driver was drunk. He hit him right before he crossed. I had to watch my best friend die. As soon as he hit the ground, I could tell that he wasn't breathing. That was the end of an era of kindness in my world.
He was my best friend and my hero. Now that I'm at his funeral, I know that this is real. I didn't want it to be, but at least heaven has a new angel. He will always be in my heart because if he hadn't of come to cheer me up, I wouldn't have to be at his funeral. I will never forget him.

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