The Dream

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

One overcast, chilly fall day I stand in my cold dark living room gazing blankly out of the front window. My mind is in millions of places. I don’t know what to think or even where to start. I can’t be in this house I need to get away. I decide to take a walk. I stroll to the front door and slide into my boots and pull my hoodie on. I step out of the door and the cold air filled my nostrils. I walk up the lonely empty street. There are no cars or people in site. The only noise is the sound of my boots pounding on the pavement and the whisper of the wind blowing through the sky. Nothings stopping me, I keep treading forward.
All of a sudden a loud scream fills the air and I come to a halt. I slowly turn to my left where the scream arose from. There’s nothing there but woods. I look a little harder and there’s a long narrow path cutting through the forest. I take baby steps toward the path asking myself if I should. I stop and look around. Houses fill my view. I notice my house in the distance to the right. There’s still no one in site. It’s just me!
I step forward and look to my feet. Dirt covers the ground. I look up and tall skinny tree stalks hover over top. Green leaves cover the sky. I proceed forward and a light fog starts to form around me. The path looks the same all the way down. It looks as if it never ends. I feel a light breeze blowing through the air. Nothing about the path changes as I walk.
A sudden noise brings me to a quick stop and I turn around. There’s no longer a path. I make two complete circles looking around and there is no path anywhere. It’s just me in the middle of the forest. Surrounded by trees. My feet begin to feel wet. I look down and realize I’m ankle deep in mud. I try to pull myself out but I sink deeper. I’m now waist deep and I try to grab the dirt around me. I keep slipping.
Everything goes black and I feel myself falling. In the distance I hear the scream again. As I keep falling the scream gets louder and seems as if it’s getting closer. I stop falling. My body smacks the ground and makes a big thud. It’s still dark.
I open my eyes to find myself lying on the bedroom floor. I look blankly at the ceiling fan spinning slowly. I tell myself it was only a dream, it was only a dream. I lay there for a few minutes. The screaming from my dream starts to get louder. I look at the television, its off. I roll over and check the radio, it’s off. I look up and check if it’s the alarm, its not.
I stand up and try to listen closer to where the noise is coming from. I hear it coming from under my comforter on the bed. I slowly walk to the bed and lift the blanket to find my phone lighting up. I pick it up and unlock it. The screaming starts again coming from my phone. Someone sent me a forward of a little kid screaming.

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