Zombie Survival Guide

January 6, 2012
By T1Tonly BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
T1Tonly BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Know Your Enemy-A zombie is the reanimated remains of a human that was infected by the virus. This happens through any transfer of zombie DNA to an uninfected. Zombies range in speed from a crawl to a full sprint depending on its condition including decay or decapitations. Zombies are very dumb and can easily be outsmarted, so use that to your advantage. To kill a zombie you need to either destroy the brain or sever the spine. Keep from making loud noises because nearby zombies could be attracted by it. Zombies are like a virus and there only function is to feed and spread the infection, so they are relentless at their function. Zombies also tend to stay in groups so when there is one there most likely is another. Knowing your enemy is only half the challenge.
Find Proper Shelter-A zombie apocalypse shelter can range from a farm to a hotel it just has to be defendable and have suitable resources. Find a building in a rural area because less people live in rural areas therefor fewer zombies should be there. The building should have a clear view in all directions for a ferly long distance so if any intruders, zombie or not can be spotted and dealt with appropriately. The shelter should have a long term food and water supply such as a grocery store and if lucky a well. Finding a shelter that I described would be a priority in a zombie apocalypse.
Take up Arms-Arm yourself will any weapon that can kill. If you have plenty of choices though pick a weapon that you do not need to do hand to hand combat with a zombie. If you can find guns bring as many as possible because you will need them and be sure to have plenty of ammunition for them too. Try to make a homemade suppressor for your gun so that if there are zombies somewhat close they wouldn’t hear the gunshots and join the party. If you go out always have your gun on you loaded and ready with spare clips because you never know when your next encounter with the undead will be.
Clothing is Everything-It’s a zombie apocalypse not high school don’t go out in short shorts or flip flops. Dress like you want to live. Wear durable clothing that fits your environment temperature wise and covers most of your skin such as jeans, a leather jacket, and gloves if you want to be mostly covered. The less skin showing the less likely you are that the zombies can infect you. Just a piece of cloth can save your life so would you put it on?
Infection-If you or anyone with you is infected and didn’t turn yet you have two reasonable choices and one stupid choice. A- you can shoot him, her or yourself in the head ,B-lock the person or yourself in a room and hope for a cure, and the stupid choice let the infected stay around you and risk becoming infected yourself. An infected can be very dangerous even before turning also because they have an inevitable thing going to happen to them and they do not know if they will survive and they will do anything to better their chance for survival even if that means jeopardizing any others life’s.

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