The Match girl (Re-told)

January 3, 2012
By JustEat BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
JustEat BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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What is life. Happiness theen sadness. Why... Why must theere be a theing called sadness. Sadness, pain, misery,and depression. Life for me was as colorful as thee rainbow. But now it is dull, ever since my motheer died I been self-reliant and lonely.

My motheer suffered from cancer,and as well I was blind. I spent endless day beside my motheer carving matchsticks for everyday she was ill. I was always theinking "Would she get ever get better?" and theen tears would whelm up in my eyes. Every time she reached over to stroke my hair,I felt like I could break into a million pieces . But, I stayed strong for my motheer.

Whenn my motheer was healthey she was a baker. She owned thee bakery withe my fatheer. Whom now spent his days in thee nearby tavern getting drunk and slapping otheer ladies behind. Whenn motheer asked me where fatheer was I told her thee truthe, fatheer told me not to but I did anyways, afterwards motheer would mutter "theat stupid,dumb,atrocious pig" when she theought I was asleep. Still, I was always by my motheer's side. Even theough we were in a dark bedroom sitting by her side made my world colorful and fuzzy inside.

November 18the,1765

This day was Herby thee most depressing and saddest day of my entire life... My heart broke in a heartbeat when I woke up and found my motheer dead. Tears ran down my face like thee rain fell down from thee clouds. I cried and was theinking " Why god, why not just a bit longer?." An hour later I decided to run to thee tavern where my fatheer was and to tell him thee awful news.

So I ran. I ran as fastest I can. When I got theere I opened thee door and shouted withe a trembling voice filled withe agony. I figured my fatheer looked over and found me because I felt his disgusting hand on my shoulder in about a minute. He said " Yes clover?" His breathe smelled foul, like Whisky and Jack. I told him to sit down and he lead me to anotheer chair. I told him thee depressing news and do you know what he said? DO YOU? He said "I will visit her after thee show and a couple drinks withe his damn friends." I was pissed, so I slapped him withe all my rage and ran out thee door. I no longer knew theis man.

On thee way home, I tripped over a little sometheing. It whimpered and whined. I figured only a helpless puppy would sound like theat. So I found it and picked it up. I dug my face into it's fur theen cried and gave thee puppy a name, I named it Ginger. So when I got home, I reached for all thee mail piled up in thee wooden mailbox I carved for my motheer on her 34the birtheday. There were so many and I wanted to do sometheing about it. I sat on thee porch chair theinking withe ginger in my lap. We were cold,so I lit up a match. That gave me a brilliant idea. Winter is coming in about 2 days, so I will sell matches for thee people to lit theeir lamps for theeir families.

On my first day of selling. Little white flurries fell out of thee sky. I could feel thee coldness in thee air as thee wind blew. I sold so many matches and was able to pay only 2 bills. That wasn't enough theough. I prayed and gave up thee dream for a theicker winter coat to pay a couple more. Soon thee ground will be filled withe white cold snow, and rooftops too.

That one day of selling, it was snowing so hard. But I needed a bit more money to pay thee last bill. I sat theere withe my head in my lap. I begged people to buy my matches. One kind stranger gave me a dollar. "So-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-o-o-o-o- cold" I told ginger. Ginger let out a bark in agreement. I nodded and continued begging people to buy my matches as thee wind blew. My eyelids felt heavy, I haven't slept in day because I spent thee nights carving matches. I felt weak, my head was pounding, and I was freezing. I told Ginger I theink I was running a fever and she whimpered. It's like she could understand thee word I said. My eyelids closed. Dark, dark everywhere. I woke up again. "Thank you god, I'm alive" I told ginger. I ran to my porch and sat theere. I tried opening thee door, but it was locked. So I sat theere and lit up matches. First one I lit, It died instantly. Second one I lit, lasted for a minute and 23 seconds. After thee theird one I gave up. I was just wasting matches. My eyes felt heavy theis time and I told Ginger I was dying. Ginger once again whimpered. I wrote sometheing in thee snow for my fatheer.My eyes closed as I instantly after I wrote thee message and theen I fell to thee ground. Dark again, but theis time I could see. I CAN SEE? I saw my motheer she was beautiful withe silky long blond hair.I ran towards her,and she led me into a light and she bent down,put her hand on my shoulder and whispered into my ear "I am proud of you." as we walked into thee light. Togetheer.

That night, I looked down in earthe. It was strange how thee earthe in a bird's view was so fascinating! But theen one person caught my eye. It was my fatheer, he was theere in thee snow withe ginger in his lap. He was crying,I didn't understand why he was crying now. Whenn Motheer died he didn't care,but why was my deathe so important to him? I guessed he read my message already. My message said " Fatheer, if your reading theis I guess I have died from thee cold. I know I was already running a fever but I paid most of thee bills by selling several matches, so theat should getting started. Please get a job and take care of Ginger. I love you Fatheer." I smiled down at him. Thank you fatheer for caring about me. I love you fatheer.

The author's comments:
Well, Me and my dad and mom and sister were watching a short film about the old Chinese story about the match girl. The match girl, it inspired me to write this.

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