The Day We Meet

January 3, 2012
By Abby18 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
Abby18 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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The sun shines down on my deep tan as I lay out next to my large pool. The sound of splashing water erupts through the air as my small poodle dives straight into the cool water. As my dog Missy comes up for air, she begins barking quite loudly. I turn around to see the reason for her excitement. My friends Ashley, Jamie, and Ben came through the wide double doors and out to my spacious back yard. "Hey Brittany!" Ashley exclaimed as she ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

"Hey guys what's up?" I said as I slowly got up from my beach chair. Wrapping the towel around me, I walked toward my friends and welcomed them to my house.

"Did you hear what your mom is planning on doing for spring break?" Jamie asked sadly. Jamie tried keeping a smile on her face as she slowly uttered, "she is making you go to Texas with her. You won't be able to come to the concert with us anymore."

"No way! I can't go there! We have been planning on going to this concert for months and I already have my ticket!" I angrily said good-bye to my friend and stormed into the enormous kitchen which we had just remodeled over the summer. My mom was nowhere in sight. As I climbed the large spiral staircases imagining the argument which would soon take place, I saw a small picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day. I have never met my dad and I didn't plan on it after he walked out on my mom after she was pregnant with me.

I spotted my mom packing her bags for my "surprise" trip that I will not be attending. "Mom! I need to talk to you!" I angrily yelled as I vigorously walked into her bedroom. "My friends told me you were dragging me to Texas. Is this true?"

My mom cautiously said, "Yes. We are going to Texas so you and your little brother can meet your dad. He hasn't been in your life at all and he finally wants to start now." She looked happy and sad at the same time when mentioning seeing my dad.

"Mom! Come on! You know I have been looking forward to this concert and I can't miss it! Please Mom!" I yelled while trying not to bust out in tears. She could see the pain in my eyes for having the chance to miss the concert. Unfortunately she was unwavering in her pursuit to drag me to Texas and meet my father.

"Brittany, I am sorry, but you are going to Texas with us. You might as well sell your ticket and get some extra cash for our trip." She said as she zippered up her suitcase and took it out to her new G6. I followed her while still trying to convince her to let me stay home. "No. I am not leaving you home alone. You better get packing. We leave tomorrow at six bright and early." I stormed of and went straight into my bedroom shutting the door quite loudly.

Why would my mom make me go? If she really cared, she would let me go to the concert. I quickly finished packing and called my boyfriend to break the bad news to him. "Hey Jake, I have some bad news. I can't go to the concert anymore because my mom is making me go to Texas to meet my dad. If you know anyone who wants my ticket, let me know."

"It's alright Brittany. I know Megan will want to go to the concert so I can just pick up your ticket before you leave." My heart dropped as I heard him say her name. Megan is his ex-girlfriend. Should I trust him to go with her? Or should I tell him no? He might think I am getting jealous. Oh no...I am getting really jealous.

"That's fine." I slowly said into the phone. Click. He hung up on me. Not even a good-bye or an I love you? There must be something up. Too bad I can't go to the concert. I can't keep stressing over this because I have to leave early tomorrow. I finally fell asleep after about an hour of stressing over this concert.

A bright stream of light shone through as my mom opened my blinds. I was blinded. "Mom can I please stay. I really want to go to this concert. Please Mom." I exclaimed, hoping she would finally give in to my demands.

"I'm sorry Brittany. We are going to Texas and that is final." I had heard it all. I knew that I could not convince her and I would have to muddle through this agonizing trip. As I grabbed my bags and walked down stairs, my brother was jumping around excitedly. At least someone was happy to be on this trip because I most certainly was not. I put my bags into my mom's car and hopped in. I had to spend almost three hours in this car with my family. This is going to be a long trip.

"Are you excited to see dad?" said Sean, my younger brother. Sean seemed to be even more excited than Mom ever did. I don't understand why he would want to see our dad after he left my mom before he was even born.

"Yeah I guess I am." I think I am quite excited to see him as well. Even though he left us, he is still our dad. As we left our cozy town of Callender, I regretted yelling at my mom over going to Texas. I feel bad for wanting to go to the concert instead of seeing my own father. Finally getting to Texas, I could see the open land where there was not a shopping mall in sight. How could I spend an entire weekend here without anything fun to do. Pulling up to the large ranch style house, I became nervous on meeting my own dad for the first time.

As my mom pulled up to the large country style home, she became anxious. The double doors to the front house opened and out came a small blonde woman who walked straight toward us. "Hi there, you must be Barbara, Brittany, and Sean. I am Mike's fiancé. Why don't you come in and I can show you where you will be staying." How could Dad be with anyone other than my mom. This woman seemed too nice. We followed her into the house and she showed us all to our own rooms. I set my bag down on the bed and pulled out my cell phone. As I dialed my best friend Ashley's number, I noticed a picture on the wall. The picture was of my mom and dad on their wedding day. He must love her if he still has that hanging up in a room. I have to try and stop this marriage from happening.

"Hello?" Ashley repeatedly said after I had forgotten that I even called her.

"Ashley! I am at his house right now and he is getting married! I need help to stop this. Can you come out here?" I couldn't handle this job on my own. Ashley will have to help me in order to accomplish this great task.

"Of course I can come. I will be there as soon as I can." When I hung up the phone, my dad's blonde fiancé came in and said it was dinner time and time for me to meet my dad. I didn't bother remembering her same. I set my phone down on the bed and walked into the dining room. People in white uniforms scoured the entire room. I sat down on one of the chairs and looked at all the faces around me. One stood out in particular. My dad. He was laughing at his with his fiancé. He looked happy at the moment. He would be much happier with my mom though.

"Hi Brittany. I know we have never met and I haven't been in your life so far but I plan on being in it from now on." I was shocked and happy at the same time as he pulled me aside and told me. All of a sudden the door bell rang. Everyone turned towards the door as a familiar face walked in. Ashley. My mom began glaring at me. I had forgotten to tell her that she was on her way.

"Ashley! I'm glad you came." I exclaimed as I pulled her into the room I would be staying in. "Did you see the blonde chick he was with?" She nodded her head. As we sat and talked, we came up with a genius plan to get her out of my father's life. Ashley and I went down stairs when everyone was sleeping. We had to start early with our plan because we were only here for two days. Ashley pulled out a pair of men's underwear and put them inside of my dad's fiancé's dresser. Dad would be upset if he found this in here. We quickly ran back up to our room and hopped in bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Ashley and I woke up simultaneously to the sound of yelling. My dad was cursing out the blonde lady for sleeping with another man. He stormed out of the room and told her he was done. Phase one complete! Now on to the next step. Complete breaking of their engagement. Our next step was to bring Mom into the picture. "Hey Dad, what's wrong?" I said as he was walking out of his bedroom.

"I found Jessica cheating on me. I don't know what I should do." As he uttered those words, a sad expression came over his face.

"Dad, if you and Mom would have stayed together, then we could all have been a happy family." I could tell that my words were sinking in. He thought about it for a minute and I noticed he didn't know what he should be doing.

"I would love nothing more than to be with your mother again, however; I don't know if she would even consider taking me back." An idea popped into my head. I could get my mom to come back to Dad. All I had to do was make them fall in love like they did on their first date. I ran out of the room and straight into Ashley. We toppled over in an attempt to keep our balance. Laughing hysterically as we stood up, I finally calmed down enough to tell her the next step in our plan. We have to get Mom and Dad back together. Ashley and I called down to my parents favorite restaurant when they were little. My mom used to tell me all about her first formal date with my father. She was wearing a beautiful purple dress laced in black. Her pearls flowed around her neck, wrist, and ears. My father had bought a wedding ring which he presented to her that night. Tears streamed down her face as she saw the ring in her boyfriend's hand.

The night was set. I bought my mom a brand new dress which looked almost exactly like the one she was wearing that night. She had a confused look on her face when I brought the dress into her room. "Mom, you have to get ready. I have a surprise for you." My mom didn't know why I wanted her to get ready but she did anyway. As I was helping my mom get ready for her date, Ashley was helping my father.

"Mr. J, I need your help with something. You need to get dressed up and look nice!" Ashley said with excitement. She was just as excited to get my parents back together as I was.

"What are you and Brittany up to?" he said with a confused look on his face. Ashley did not say another word except when she whispered the words it's a secret. He finally gave in to Ashley's demands and began getting ready. After both of my parents finished getting ready, Ashley and I brought them separately to our secret restaurant. As we walked into the large restaurant, my mom began to cry. An image of her date with her ex husband popped into her head.

My father was already seated at their table. As my mother walked up to where he was seated, Dad stared in awe. With the smile on his face, I knew they would last forever. Ashley and I watched from a distance as Dad grabbed her hand and kissed it. This was the most romantic scene I have seen in my life. Excitedly, I ran over to my parents after their meal was finished and asked, "Can we become a family again?"

"We are going to work things out as well as possible and see how it goes." They said simultaneously. Amazement surged through my body and I could not utter any words. I cannot explain how happy I felt at this exact moment. We walked out of the restaurant and drove all the way back to Dad's house. Ashley and I went to bed as my parents were talking down stairs in the living room.

The next morning, I awoke with a great feeling. We came down stairs and saw a ring around my mother's finger. They decided to get married! I haven't felt this happy since I got my concert tickets. The date was set for their wedding and my mom wanted to wear the dress she wore on their first wedding day. The family is back together all because of Ashley and I. My mom and dad smiled and said, "Thank you Brittany and Ashley for setting this date up! You saved our marriage."

The author's comments:
I am submitting my piece "The Day We Meet," because this short story describes how a young girl goes through the struggle to help her parents fall in love. As the girl meets her father for the first time, she realizes her dislike for her father's new fiancé. With the help of this young girl's friend, her father ends the relationship with his fiancé and falls in love with this ex wife. In the end of my short story, the young girl and friend help the parents to become engaged once again.

My short story hits close to home for me because my mother and father divorced shortly after my mother became pregnant with me. I would really like for my piece to be published in your magazine because not only does this short story mean something to me, many other families might have suffered from this tragedy as well. Your magazine includes pieces written entirely by teens which is a perfect place for my piece to be published. I believe my piece will be well liked and fit well with the different writings being published in your magazine.

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