January 2, 2012
By EmmaM BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
EmmaM BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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Anna Cole is a sixteen-year-old girl with long, straight blonde hair usually held in a high ponytail. Anna is a tall beautiful girl who goes to high school and is a very hard worker. She is a straight A student.
Anna works in the Museum of Natural History. She enjoys her job; she gets to tour people and show them her favorite pieces of art and time periods. Today she gets to walk a group, through the area with the art. This area holds her favorite piece Spirited Wind. It is a beautiful painting; the brushstrokes are so noticeable that they look like leaves in the wind. The colors are blue and pink. The colors blend to make darker colors like purple and red. It is like a sand storm where everything is caught up in a mist. But this object is shaped like a pear, because the top starts out small and skinny but the lower you look at it the wider it gets. Anna thinks that Spirited Wind looks like a short person. The top looks like a head and the arms and leg are swaying. This makes this person look like it is running.
Anna’s favorite part of the painting is that, even though it is in a museum, the artist was able to make the paper it was painted on wrinkle from the paint drying on it unevenly. People have said that the artist is like a mad scientist in some ways. For one, he taped the painting Spirited Wind to his door and whenever he opened it air would go through it and the painting would dry just a little more. Unlike most artists, the artist painted this amazing picture on plain paper not a canvas. Using this paper and have it wrinkled in the museum is so unique, most museums don’t have anything that is not perfect. But Anna thinks that it is perfect because of the unevenness and uniqueness.
The artist never told what it really meant or what it was supposed to look like. They have newspaper articles on him and they say things like “We ask the artist of this creation what he was thinking when he made Spirited Wind.” Then later the journalist would continue with, ‘the genius tells us, “That is something I cannot tell but you must create.” Anna can still remember the first time she ever saw this painting. She had come to the museum to get a job. They showed her around and when the leader walked her through that hall, she saw the Spirited Wind. That was when she decided this was the job she wanted.

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