December 5, 2011
By PookieBooski PLATINUM, Springfield, Illinois
PookieBooski PLATINUM, Springfield, Illinois
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A lonely middle school girl sat under a tree, reading. She had frizzy, mouse brown hair, bright blue eyes, and glasses too large for her small face. Her clothes were hand-me-downs from her church and her sneakers were tattered and dirty. She was defiantly poor, not the prettiest crayon in the box, but her personality was amazing. She was smart, talented, and sweet, but no one saw past her image. So instead of being happy, she sat under a tree and read. Everyday. And her name wasSara.
A few feet in front of Sara were a group of popular, beautiful, and rich teen girls. They were tall and tan, their outfits were nice, and their hair was perfect. Their flaw, though, were their personalites. Most were ditzy and mean, but more than most were just scared, miserable, wannabes. Their leader was a girl named Cat.
Cat, on the surface, looked like she had it all. Though, on the inside, she was just as lonely as Sara. Her beauty was something she cursed. What good is being beautiful if my liife is filled with such ugliness? she thought. Yes, Cat was rich, but that was something else she cursed as well. Her dad was never home, her mom only cared about money, and her brother would come home drunk but never get punished for his actions under the influence. Every boyfriend Cat had would just use her for her looks, never bothering to even meet the girl deep in her. This caused Cat to be mean to everyone. When they were upset, she felt a little better.
On one paticular day, Cat saw Sara glancing every now and then at her. "Ugh, why's she staring at me?" she muttered.
"I dunno, wanna find out?" one of the other girls asked.
Soon, the group was striding over to Sara.
Sara saw them coming and gulped. She was used to getting tormented and knew it was inevitable. She quickly hid her face, trying to seem like she didn't care, but she was trembling.
"Hey, Sara," Cat said sweetly. This was what she did to draw people in to her.
Sara was used to this. "Hey," she said softly.
"What'cha reading?"
"Um...Diary of a Wimpy Kid."
"Oh, so basically the story of your life?" Cat smirked. The others burst out laughing. Cat added, "Wait, no. Your life story would be Diary of a Pathatic, Poor, Ugly Kid."
Sara's heart sank. Her cheeks flushed and she quickly put her head down so Cat wouldn't see the tear coming out of her eye.
"Listen, I came over here to tell you to quit looking at me. I mean, I know you're jealous of me and want to be like me, but staring is rude." Then, Cat turned to walk away.
"I don't want to be like you," Sara muttered.
She meant the comment to be for herself, but Cat obviously heard because she turned around and asked, "What did you say?"
Sara's face flushed again and she said a little louder, "I don't want to be like you. Ever. You may be pretty, but you're so mean that I never see it anymore."
Cat replied, "I must not be too mean, look at all my friends!" The others smirked but their eyes shone of fear.
"No, they're only afraid of you! That's the ONLY reason they're nice to you!" Sara exclaimed, feeling more confident by every word she said.
Cat rolled her eyes and walked away quickly. Her posse reluctantly followed. Cat's heart sank because she knew Sara's words were true. She was a bully.
Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Cat broke down crying. Her 'friends' didn't know what to do. "I-I'm sorry," she choked out, "For everything."

The author's comments:
This was a short story to show that there is two sides to every story. I believe bullying is wrong and it should be stopped, but I also know that the people who bully are just as lost as the victoms. My point is: DON'T BULLY!

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