Soccer Match

December 5, 2011
By Anonymous

After the break was over Sam and I started walking towards the field. It had rained the day before and I was wondered if the field would be muddy. I really didn’t want to fall down. I stopped in the water fountain to calm down my thirst. I was wiping the water from my chin when I heard:
“This is the final game, are you sure you’re ready?” said Aiden.”We’re gonna beat you guys and I won’t go as easy on you as I did in the other game,” I laughed at that.
“Yeah, whatever. We beat you on the last game fairly and we will do the same thing again so be careful, Campbell. I refuse to let you win!” I said back to him and I left to catch up with Sam.

We walked across the field so we could meet up with the rest of our class and my doubts were confirmed. It was muddy. Really muddy. We’re all gonna fall down, I thought and sure enough there already were a few people that were already muddy from slipping. The field was big enough for everyone in both our classes to play. It would be nine against nine and the teams seemed pretty fair to me.

We got into our positions and I was gonna play defense. Soccer wasn’t really my sport, baseball was, but at least I wasn’t too bad defending. Sam was gonna be striker along with a boy called Axel. They both were the best players in our class and I was glad to have them in the same team because, well, they kicked-a**. Unfortunately, our rivals weren’t bad either. Aiden was up front as striker with this other guy called Paul. I knew both of them were best friends and that they were both in the boys’ soccer team. They were amazing when they played together and they understood each other perfectly, their moves, their passes, everything was just really synchronized as if they could read each other’s minds. I had only seen them play once but I knew they were good quality players. Damn, I thought as I warmed up in my position, this is gonna be tough but I can’t let them win. If they do who knows what’ll happen to me... I don’t trust that guy. I wiped the sweat on my forehead and my bangs were pasted there as the sun glared down at us.

The teacher blowed the whistle and the game began. These soccer games weren’t long, the year before we had only played for fifteen minutes. I knew we didn’t have time to do much. I’ll still try my best, though, I thought. We started off great. Sam and Axel started passing the ball between each other and they were doing a good job. They didn’t take the ball from them until they were almost at the goal. One of the defenses sprinted towards Sam and because he was so big, he beat her in weight and took the ball. The defense passed the ball to Paul who then came towards me running fast like hell. To get past me he passed the ball to Aiden, just before he was in front of me. Aiden passed the ball back to Paul quickly and I didn’t expect that. Confused, I fell backwards into a big mud puddle. My blue shorts became muddy all over and I even got mud on my hair.
“MOTHER FU--,” I stopped myself from saying the rest and decided to just get up and deal with it. I hated getting dirty but not because I minded the mud. I just hated having to wash my clothes after they got muddy.
“HAHAHA! You are so clumsy! Come on, get up,” said Aiden as he extended his hand to help me up. I gave him the coldest look I could give him.
“I don’t need your help, you idiot! And you were the one who tripped me in the first place!” I got up and said, “I’ll see you with blue hair when this ends!” I really needed to win the bet. I hated when people bossed me around. He probably is gonna make me do something weird like eat worms or something, I thought. I should have told him he had to do whatever I said for a day too if I won. That way I could not only tell him to dye his hair blue but I could tell him to do something even more embarrassing! I bet he already knows what he’s gonna make me do if he wins... I just hope it’s nothing too embarrassing though it probably will be.

A minute later, while I was lost in thought, Sam managed to get in front of the goal and before I knew it, she scored a goal. Relief washed all over my body and some of the tension I had in the beginning was gone. Maybe we would be able to win and maybe I would be able to win the bet. We kept on playing and for about five minutes and nothing exciting happened. People kept passing the ball between each other and stealing the ball from the other people but neither one of the teams got too close to the goals. My feeling of relief vanished in a just a split second when Aiden scored a goal. All the tension came back at once.

There was a second whistle that announced the end of the match. Penalties came up next to decide the winner and it was nerve wracking. All right, after this we’ll know who the winner is and who wins the bet. We can’t lose or I’ll have to do to whatever he says. I can’t let that happen!

Our class kicked first and Axel was the first one. He made a smooth goal through the right side of the goalie. Paul kicked next and he, too, made a good goal to our goalie keeper. Sam went next. I watched her kick and I think we all thought it was going to be perfect, but she kicked the ball too high and didn’t make it. A boy from the other class kicked next and, luckily, he missed, too. Now, it was my turn. I had to make the goal. I put the ball down on the white spot and walked backwards. I inhaled deeply and kicked. The ball went in the range of the goal but the goalie just barely managed to send the ball off. I had missed. Crap, was the only thing that came to my mind.

Aiden placed the ball on the white spot. It was his turn now. Please let him miss, please let him miss, I thought hoping that some miracle could come down to save me. It didn’t. He made a perfect shot right in the corner of the goal. We had lost. Anger and the feeling of defeat poured all over me. I hated this feeling. I wiped off some of the mud of my shoes on one of the stairs that led up to the cafeteria. A big cherry tree covered my head from the sun and I wondered what the hell was a Japanese looking tree doing at a school like this. I sighed.
“Well, then that was fun,” said Aiden behind me grinning stupidly. It had been fun but I was too proud to admit it and I was very disappointed with myself. After all, it had been my fault we lost.
“I won the bet so my hair will stay the same but you have to do whatever I say,” he said triumphantly.
“Shut up, I know that,”I snapped at him. I was in no mood to be bothered and I just left without another word.

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