Confrontation Between Classes

December 5, 2011
By Anonymous

We had made beautiful posters for our class and I knew we would leave the others eating our dust, we were certainly going to win this year against which ever class we would be up against. We had worked hard and there were many athletic people in our class which really helped. I liked my class. Everyone cooperated and was very competitive which was good because that way we had more chances of winning. I could feel sports day would be ours. One of my best friends, Sam, was in the same class as me and it made me really happy. We had to choose the captain for the moon class because each year there was a person who would represent each class and that person was the captain. “I nominate Dia!” Sam said in a very enthusiastic tone with her light brown curls bouncing up and down while she jumped, “You would be perfect, please!” I knew she was just trying to annoy me. I wasn’t really interested in being captain I was just hoping to win along with my class. There was a murmur of agreement. “Fine but we all need to do our best ok?” I replied, a little annoyed and overwhelmed. And with that I had become the captain.

A few minutes later the bell rang announcing the beginning of the morning meeting. We would then know who our opponents were and what sports we would be playing. The principal started talking about the basic rules and what the games would be. We would be playing volleyball, soccer, and we would have a food competition. The captains had to participate in all the games. Great. “The volleyball games are first on the list but before that, lets see which classes are against each other,” said the principal. She had a small hat filled with all the names of the classes. There were four grades in our school and each of them had four classes. Each class was going to compete against another class from the same grade. This meant the Moon class could be against King Kong Class, Traverse Class, or Mushroom Class. The principal drew two tiny pieces of paper from the hat and said:”Traverse Class is going to be up against...the Moon Class! Good luck to you both of you and keep it clean, you hear?” No! Of all the three classes why did it have to be that one? It was the class of that boy Aiden Campbell who always bugged me every time he got the chance. He was always so full of himself... I hated the guy. To make things worse he was the captain of his class. Well, I was now even more pumped up to win. I wasn’t gonna lose to that guy. We shook hands just like all the previous captains of the other teams. His eyes were fixed upon me and he smiled as if he was superior in someway. He made me mad. We had to sit next to each other as the rest class captains came up to shake hands, too.
“We’re gonna beat you, Campbell. We’ll certainly not lose to you.” I said to him as tried to sit between all the people. He smirked.
“Oh yeah, little girl? Wanna bet?” Little girl! That pissed me off. We were the same age! Who the hell did he think he was?
“No, thank you. I don’t like betting if I know I am going to win.” I said with more confidence that I felt.
“It’s because you’re afraid you’ll lose that’s why. Oh, well, do what ever you want.” He said sighing,”But it’s ok to be afraid, you know, little girl. You shouldn’t hide your true feelings from others...”
I gritted my teeth and said,“I’m not afraid and I won’t lose to you, idiot! Just wait and see my Class and I are gonna beat you!”
“Yeah, right. Then why won’t you have a bet with me? If you’re afraid just say it it’s fine I don’t mind it if that’s the way you feel...” He was mocking me!
“Fine! I’m not scared, lets have that stupid bet but keep in mind our class will crush yours to pieces and you won’t be able to turn back!”
He laughed and said, “Okay what would you like little girl? A date with me, probably?” He smiled that stupid smile...again.
“No way! Who would want a date with you? Get over yourself you idiot! Let me think.” I tried to come up with something that would hurt his stupid pride. I wanted him to feel really embarrassed. I started scanning him trying to come up with something good until my eyes caught a sight of his blonde hair.
“Your hair. You will have to dye it blue if you lose and I will choose the shade of blue when you dye it!” I said triumphantly. I knew most of those stupid “pretty boys” worried too much about their hair and how could he have been different from the rest of them? He seemed surprised when I said that but only for a second. Then he just started laughing again.
“Fine I will dye it blue if I lose but what about you? I am the one who’s gonna win and what will I have to make you do if you lose?” Such confidence! I was not gonna lose to someone like him! He made a thinking face that made him look even more stupid.
“I know! If you lose you will have to do whatever I say for an entire day. By that I mean anything I say.”
Of course, he had thought of something that would hurt my pride, too. Now I really couldn’t lose to that guy. Who knew what he would make me do?
“You’re on but remember something...when you have blue hair stop being so full of yourself and, trust me, not every girl will fall for someone like you! Also, remember that I beat you!” I told him trying to mock him.
“Trust me, I know not every girl will fall for me,” He said in a serious tone that caught me off guard. It was...weird.
“Later, Campbell.” I said glaring at him. I left running to my teammates and filled them in with the bet. We all agreed to do our best but I don’t think many of the girls were really excited to see Aiden Campbell dye his “perfect blonde hair” blue. Luckily most of our class was made up by boys and they all thought it would be pretty hilarious. The meeting ended and we left the meeting hall to start the games.

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