Food Eating Contest

December 5, 2011
By , San Jose, Costa Rica
“I’m so sorry!” Sam said with a worried face after we had been defeated in the volleyball game. “It was my fault we lost and I know that if we lose it will be bad for you. Forgive me I shouldn’t have served at all...”
“Don’t worry about it,” I said trying to comfort her, “it's okay, you hear me? It doesn’t matter we’ll just beat them in the next game.”
I smiled at her reassuringly and she seemed more at ease. It did worry me, though. I didn’t want to be under Aiden’s command for an entire day and I did want to see him with blue hair really badly but I didn’t want to upset Sam. She really did her best even though she couldn’t make that serve that made us lose the last set. We would have to beat Traverse Class in the next two games.
We walked towards the cafeteria so we could have the food eating contest. Sam’s and my other best friend, Clover, had come up to us on after the volleyball game and warned us about that game. She said that the people who participated, threw up after they ate. “There will be only two participants per class. The captain and someone else the class chooses...” she said with a grimace. She didn’t tell us anything else.

We arrived at the cafeteria and there was a long table with many plates of spaghetti. There was steam coming out of the spaghetti and it smelled really good. My mouth started watering. Good thing I’m hungry, I thought. We will definitely win this game. I sat with my teammates on the floor in front of the table as the other two classes finished their turn. There where four people from a grade above us on the long table, two from each of the classes. One person from both of the teams had chopsticks and they were trying to feed the spaghetti to their partners. One girl that was competing had turned green and was saying to her partner, “Wait a second, Anne. Just... Wait.” I don’t think she could eat anymore. Meanwhile, the boy of the left from the other team was eating furiously although he looked kind of grossed out himself. I wondered what they put in their spaghetti. The girl from the boy’s team struggled while she tried to feed him with the chopsticks but it seemed to me that they were gonna win. In the end, the boy and the girl did win and the two girls, the one with green face and her partner, looked vey disappointed. The boy had managed to eat five dishes of spaghetti while the girl from the other team only ate four. The two classes left and it was now our turn. My parter turned out to be a boy named K because he was the only one in our class who could manage chopsticks perfectly. I didn’t really expect this from him due to the fact that he was incredibly big and strong because he was on the football team. He didn’t seem to me the kind of person who would be able to manage chopsticks for some reason. His real name was Keith but everybody called him K since kindergarden. He then turned towards me with a determined look and said, “Lets do this I know we can win!” I smiled. I was happy he was so pumped, too. We sat down on the long table and so did Aiden and Isa, his partner, who gave us a warm smile. She was gonna be the one using the chopsticks.
Aiden turned around to say to K,”Good luck let the best team win!” He then turned towards me said with a bright smile,” Hey, good luck to you too, little girl. You’ll need it.” He smirked. UGHHH that guy!
“Alright people. First of all, keep it clean and don’t try to cheat or you will be disqualified. Your partners are gonna tie your hands together,” said the PE teacher looking towards Aiden and me, “and they are gonna feed you with the chopsticks. Eat as much as you can in two minutes and if you feel sick go to the bathroom. Please don’t ask if you may and just go. There are only eight plates of spaghetti on your table and let me tell you, some of them have a secret ingredient and if you come across one you will have to eat it all because Once you start a plate you have to finish it. So K, Isa tie their hands!”
I pulled up a pony tail and K tied my hands on my back. When we were all ready, the teacher started bringing in the plates with spaghetti. They looked so good but I was afraid of what the secret ingredient would be...
“Alright are you ready?” we nodded,”OKay... GO!” she said and we started eating. K was really good with the chopsticks and it amazed me how perfectly he made each bite for the size of my mouth. We went through the first two plates smoothly. I saw that Aiden and Isa weren’t doing as well. Isa was no K and so she couldn’t really do a great job in using the chopsticks. Chunks of spaghetti fell as she tried to feed Aiden and she was really clumsy. I couldn’t help but smile. It was ridiculously funny to see how Isa kept dropping the spaghetti and that she and Aiden were full of spaghetti sauce all over. He didn’t get mad, though. He was really calm and kept saying ”it’s alright” every time she messed up. I began to eat my third plate and as soon as K put the first bite into my mouth I realized something. It was burning hot and spicy! I had never eaten something so spicy and I was pretty sure I had burned up about a hundred of my taste buds with that first bite. I couldn’t help it and my eyes started watering. Now I knew why that other girl had turned green and I would have been surprised if I wasn’t some weird color myself.
“Hey, are you okay do you want me to stop?” said K with a concerned frown.
“No! Keep going! Don’t worry about me I’m all right just keep feeding me, fast!” I said even though I knew I couldn’t last for too long, but I was gonna try my best. K hesitated for a moment but he then kept on feeding me. I glanced over to Aiden and Isa halfway through my plate and saw that they were still struggling. I don’t think they had come up with a plate with the “secret ingredient” in it but they were far behind us. The next two plates of spaghetti didn’t have anything in them and I was relieved because they calmed down the spice in my tongue.
“And... Stop!” said the PE teacher. By the end of the two minutes I had ate six plates of spaghetti and Aiden had ate four. We had won. Relief rushed throughout my body but I was feeling sick. I wanted to throw up. I high fived K and then I started walking towards the gym but Aiden stopped me.
“Hey, little girl, don’t push yourself too hard, okay? I know you want to win but I don’t want you to become sick just for the bet if you want we can call it a tie...” he said. His moods always shifted suddenly from stupid guy to serious guy and he always caught me off guard. I hated it he was so weird.
I frowned at him,”I’m not that weak, thank you. I’m not running away from anything!” I said. His stupid smile was back up again.
“Well, in that case don’t feel so good about yourself. You only won because I was going easy on you. It’s not gonna happen again, I assure you.” Really that guy pissed me off! I glared at him and stormed off.

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