The Room

December 27, 2011
By Anonymous

The Room
    Darkness is all you have. The dust and cobwebs only make things worse. You are alone. They left you here. Nothing to see and nothing to feel. Just sitting on the floor. Porcelain skin covered in dust. Beauty masked by darkness. You would leave if you could, but you are stuck on the floor of the dusty old room. The floor boards creak even though no one has moved. The room sways in the wind, but it does not break. No light can break through its solid walls. So you are alone and trapped. The walls might be closing in on you, but you don't know because you can of see. You may have aged a hundred years, but you wouldn't know that either. It is cold in the dark loneliness. Like someone is forever blowing down the back of your neck. You can't shiver. You can't even move. The lacy dress which was once admired by many young girls is all you have been given to protect yourself. You know that is not enough. Surely, the darkness will eat away at you. Slowly, you will fall apart. Steadily, your existence will end.  It won't matter because the ones who have laid you here are long gone. They have aged and died, but you did not die. Still, they left you alone in the dusty room. Slowly dying, but surely existing. 

The author's comments:
Still, they left you alone in the dusty room. Slowly dying, but surely existing.

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