When It rains Outside

December 16, 2011
She told herself she hated him. He always chose them over her. She couldn’t stand to be around her dad anymore, but he was there every day. She wanted to believe She could just forgive and forget, but it haunted her all the time. When she was younger she would always try and fight for his attention. She had turned fifteen about a half a year ago, and she didn’t believe in miracles anymore.

When she walked in the house was empty as it always was. Her mom and sister were at work and, her dad could be anywhere. She would normally go to her room, but since no one was home what was the difference? It had been raining all day, and the sound of the rain had lulled her into a deep sleep on the couch.

She woke up to the sound of her father coming in the door. They hadn’t talked to each other since they had fought last weekend. Her face felt sticky so she reached up to feel her cheeks, and found she must have cried in her sleep. He must off noticed that her cheeks were shiny, so he came over and sat at the end of her feet.

The thing with her dad that made it so hard to stay mad at him was that he never pushed he just sat there and stroked her back until fresh tears had surfaced in her eyes before she even knew what she was crying for.

“Why are you still nice to me even when I have been so mean?” She asked.

“Well, let me think,” he said.

“You know it really isn’t a good sign for me when you have to think about it,” She said feeling worse than She did before.

“I really don’t need to think about it I just wanted to say the right thing, so you didn’t get mad at me again,” He said

If she thought she felt bad before, that comment definitely made her drop lower.

“I hate how it rains so much,” She said.

“You know why it rains, don’t you?” He asked. I knew this comment from when I was younger, and to hear it again now made me feel better. I didn’t know if he was going to tell me the whole story or if he just wanted to get a smile out of me, but somewhere deep inside she knew if he wouldn’t tell her there was nothing that would make her feel better.

“No, why does it rain, Daddy?” she said the way she remembered her five year-old self saying it so long ago.

“Well the Sun woke up this morning and said ’I don’t want to wake up I’m to tired’,” He explained.

“And when the Sun didn’t show up to brighten the day up, God had to come up with an idea to cover up the fact that the Sun didn’t come in to work, so he sent the clouds out to make the day look darker,” He told her

“That doesn’t explain why it rains out,” She told him knowing it was what she was supposed to say.

“Well the reason it rains is because the clouds were supposed to have the day off, and they were called into work instead of getting to bath in the sunlight, so they cry all day,” Her dad continued with the end of the story.

She thought about the reason they had fought last weekend and she was disgusted with herself for being mad for such a petty reason. He wouldn’t let her go to a party with her friends and stay out all night. Now that she thought about it, she realized her dad was just looking out for her because if she had went she would have been arrested with the other hundred or so underage students drinking and doing drugs.

She felt bad she had put her dad through this just to get even with him. She had never felt so stupid. If she had just opened her eyes to see that he wasn’t pushing her because he didn’t care it was because he knew she would see reason. She was his daughter by the way.
As she went over all this in her head she curled in her dads arms knowing he would keep her safe for as long as she would let him. Even if he had to fight with her every now and then. He would always be there with arms wide open.

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