New Girl, New World

December 16, 2011
CHAPTER 1: Plane or Worry Box?

“Honey, you’re going to live with your father.”

Those were the words. They were the words that caused a flurry of emotions. Who knew that eight words could cause so much stress, worry, joy. Well at least one person knows now, and that was Lise. Lise Reynolds, the star, the actress? No, Lise Reynolds from Seattle, Washington, the nobody. The cliche? girl who lived in a place but dreamed of somewhere else. Somewhere where she could pursue her dreams of being a singer..

That somewhere was New York, also known as where her father lives. So as you can imagine, the seven words that had just come out of the mouth of her mother, Olivia Adwoa, were quite a shock.

After that it was all blur. The rest of the school year sped past her and throughout one thought ran through her mind.

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