It Started in the Rain

December 19, 2011
By ShannonJr GOLD, Newton, North Carolina
ShannonJr GOLD, Newton, North Carolina
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Ernest Hemingway (about William Faulkner)

I did not know what to expect or how to even go about thinking of the occasion, I just knew that whatever was going to happen, was happening in the rain.

Each second seemed to pass by more slowly in the rain; each rain drop seemed to slow down as the last feel, until the world seemed to stop around me. I looked around this world frozen in time. I saw the streets filled with people on cell phones, driving cars, smoking, eating, doing all sorts of meaningless things; not knowing what is happening in the rain.

What else could I expect, why would they even care? They were living their lives, their meaningless little lives. Waking up each day and doing the same, meaningless, menial task for practically nothing, yet still managing to spend the little that they do have on the next best thing, only to have it bested the next year by the same thing with a shiny new coat.

Not me.

I know what lies beyond this life, what lies beyond the world at which these people walk. I have then world in the rain; I have seen how it can be without everything; without war, without greed, without computers and even corruption. I have seen this world, this world of the rain.

Many of you wish you knew this world of the rain, but you cannot see past what is put in front of you. You cannot see what matters, what really matters, I should say. You can never see what I see, because you refuse to believe that something like this could exist. You refuse to think that something like this will ever happen to you in the world of the rain. I look at all of you, gathered around me, gathered around what you think is someone dying.

I am not dying.

You all are, every day you try to carry on in this life of pure apathy; apathy of the world around you. This world of the rain has cleansed me.

It ended in the rain.

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It started in the rain...

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