Oh Mr. Bad Boy

December 13, 2011
By Anonymous

March 11, 2003
JenisUrSocGurl13: Why can’t guys at our school be ruggedly handsome and completely screwed up
because of parental abuse and neglect? CT is just the perfect guy for me.
DanceRach4lyfe: I know I want to marry him! I only watch Real World cause of him!
DanceRach4lyfe: I want a guy just like him! He is so hot!
JenisUrSocGurl13: Do you think it’s weird that next year we are going to be freshmen in high school and
we have never had boyfriends? We have never even kissed guys before!
DanceRach4lyfe: Yeah….. I’m going to change that! It isn’t okay to be the only girls left at school
who have never been kissed!
JenisUrSocGurl13: LOL! Alright, well you do that. I have to go though. Soccer Practice… UGH!
March 13, 2003
JenisUrSocGurl13: Bonjour mademoiselle!
DanceRach4lyfe: OMG! Guess what?!?!?!
DanceRach4lyfe: So…Travis…you know the new guy in our math class…. He winked at me!
JenisUrSocGurl13: Oh my god! When?
DanceRach4lyfe: TODAY! During the math test! He was OBVI cheating. So I let him copy off of me….
DanceRach4lyfe: And then he like winked! AHHHH! He is so sexy!
JenisUrSocGurl13: He is pretty attractive. However, I heard he had anger issues, which were probably
caused by a broken household, parental abuse or neglect.
JenisUrSocGurl13: As you can tell, I was reading my mom’s books again.
DanceRach4lyfe: You made Travis sound even hotter than before! I want him so bad!!! He is going to be
JenisUrSocGurl13: Isn’t he a little too old. He got held back like three times. He is 16!
DanceRach4lyfe: Psh! So what? The older they are the better right?
JenisUrSocGurl13: You are crazy! My parents would never let me date someone that old! They even
read what we say on here…so we kind of have to be careful!
DanceRach4lyfe: Your parents are absolutely ridiculous! We are 14! We should be allowed to say
whatever we want, whenever we want!
JenisUrSocGurl13: Too bad they control everything; School, band, soccer that is my schedule.
DanceRach4lyfe: My parents are pretty much the same. I’m just so bored with it you know? I’m so glad
Travis is in my life now. He is just so exciting. I’ll ask him to find you someone too!
March 18, 2003
DanceRach4lyfe: I don’t know what you are doing on Friday night…However I know what I’m doing. I am
going on a date with Travis! He asked me underneath the bleachers during P.E. I wish he asked me
somewhere more romantic. That place is like everyone’s make out spot. I must have gotten some weird
disease from there. LOL Who knows though…Travis and I might use that spot sometime soon!
March 21, 2003
JenisUrSocGurl13: Okay…spill!
DanceRach4lyfe: So he picked me up at like 8…even though he said he was comin at 7… He met my
parents and was totally cool. He even dressed up!!! He wore that hot leather jacket and he hid the
cigarettes so my parents wouldnt kno.
JenisUrSocGurl13: Well, that is pretty classy! He must really like you!
DanceRach4lyfe: RIGHT?!? Anyway… we rode on his motorcycle …and get this… HE STOLE IT FROM HIS
NEIGHBOR. UBBBBBBER HOT! We didnt even hav helmets on! He brought me to the park…
JenisUrSocGurl13: That’s so dumb of you guys to not wear helmets. You could’ve died!!!!!
DanceRach4lyfe: Well…… I know it was dumb…... but it was like super exciting. It was an adrenaline
rush! And……well we kissed……… more than kissed….. WE MADE OUT! He asked me to be his Girl!
JenisUrSocGurl13: OMG! Does that mean it’s official?
DanceRach4lyfe: Yeahhhh…I guess. I cant believe it. Travis is my BOYFRIEND <3
JenisUrSocGurl13: Hey Rach, do you think you’re rushing into this with Travis because he’s the first guy
that’s given you attention since your dad left?
DanceRach4lyfe: That has nothing to do with it. Stop psychoanalyzing me just because your ma’s a
March 27, 2003
DanceRach4lyfe: IDK if ur there or if ur at soccer practice…ANYWAY I was watching The Real World…
Doesn’t Travis look lyk C.T?! Lyk….if Travis was lyk buffer with more facial hair…and blue eyes instead of
brown…and if he wasn’t lyk 5’10….. He acts lyk him too! Like IDK if I told you… the other day during
lunch. We decided to ditch….well he did and I just came with…… He got so mad when the door to the
roof was locked. His eyes started bulging out and he started screaming and stuff…. I got kind of
scared….but at the same time I kind of liked it…. It was funny because for a second, he acted like my
dad. Too bad he left. I feel like Travis and my dad would get along. They kind of look the same and they
smell the same. They even have that dumb grin…well except on Travis its ubber cute!!!
I never thought I’d say this but I really wish my dad was here.
JenisUrSocGurl13: So are you saying you’re dating Travis because he is like CT? What’s next you date a
little person cause they are like Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings? Don’t let “The Real World” get to
you. It’s fake and scripted. It’s not real life.
DanceRach4lyfe: That’s not what I’m saying. I dnt need ur sarcasm. You just don’t get it. U have a dad.
JenisUrSocGurl13: You did too, just not a good one.
April 2, 2003
JenisUrSocGurl13: Hey! Are you okay? I heard my mom talking to your mom! Your mom seems mad…
DanceRach4lyfe: My mom nd my stepdad hate Travis… even though they r the ones being ridunkuluz!
Well…Last night Travis decided to stop by. He climbed into my window wen my parents were asleep…
He stayed over and my parent’s found out. They are overreacting!!! Travis and I love each other!
JenisUrSocGurl13: Oh my god! Did you do it?!
DanceRach4lyfe: Yeah. We did. Its NOT that big of a deal. Everyone’s doing it.
DanceRach4lyfe: I kno. I’m sorri. I juz dunno wut happened. My mom told me I had to stop seeing him,
so I told him to come ova last night! It was lyk…the more they told me not to b wit him…the more I loved
him….. Is that crazy?
JenisUrSocGurl13: So…… because your parents don’t like him….you liked him more?
DanceRach4lyfe: Look! I don’t need you judging me!
JenisUrSocGurl13: I’m not! I just find it interesting that because your parent’s don’t approve of him, you
rebelled and had sex with him…My mom’s new book “hovering parents equals rebellious teens” talks
about this.
DanceRach4lyfe: You know wu! WATEVER! U R jus jealous of me and Travis! What we hav is special. Our
love is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; inseparable and deliciouz!
JenisUrSocGurl13: Rach, I’m not jealous. I just want you to realize if your parents don’t want you to be
with him, maybe you shouldn’t? They are your parents. You should listen to them. They only want
what’s best for you…
DanceRach4lyfe: I thought you were on my side! So much for being my best friend! Don’t talk to me
ever again you jealous B****!!!
April 14, 2003
JenisUrSocGurl13: Hey Rach… It’s me, your best friend! I don’t think you’re talking to me…since you
have been ignoring my calls and notes and stuff. I support your love for Travis… even though it really
isn’t love. I was reading through my mom’s books, maybe what you are feeling is infatuation?. You just
have to be careful girl. I don’t want you to get hurt. Remember what happened to Jesse? She and Tom
dated for two weeks and she started buggin out on us and where is she now? We don’t even know but
I’m certain that “boarding school” was an excuse for something else. I mean statistics show that 1/3 of
teenage girls get pregnant. I don’t want that to happen to you…
May 5, 2003
DanceRach4lyfe: Jen, are you there?
JenisUrSocGurl13: Hey…
DanceRach4lyfe: I’m sorry I went crazy…
JenisUrSocGurl13: Hey it’s okay! I get it. R u okay? U haven’t been at school lately. What’s going on?
DanceRach4lyfe: Travis broke up with me! He says he found a girl who was “more mature” for his “bad
boy ways”… What does that even mean?
DanceRach4lyfe: I’ve been in my room crying for like 2 days now. How could he do that to me? I trusted
him! I thought he loved me… I want to die. Someone kill me now!!
JenisUrSocGurl13: Im sorri Rachel.
JenisUrSocGurl13:Im sure the girl is very smart and pretty too….in her own way…
JenisUrSocGurl13: Stop being such a cliché and hormonal teenager LOL
DanceRach4lyfe: Whatever Dr. Phil LOL. I hate him. Now I’m grounded. So I can only go to school. Dance
at 3, Piano at 5, and back home.
JenisUrSocGurl13: Rach… I’m sorry. I warned you…
DanceRach4lyfe: I just don’t understand why I liked him so much. Maybe it was the way he smelled like
a mix of after shave, cigarettes, and gum. Maybe it was because he rode a motorcycle or the tattoos
that he has. He had a way of like looking at me and I knew what he was thinking cause he knew what I
was thinking you know?
JenisUrSocGurl13: LOL Oedipus complex much?
DanceRach4lyfe: ???
JenisUrSocGurl13: Rachel that was the same thing u said about ur dad. Those were ur favorite things
about him… But your dad hit u. I’m pretty sure Travis didn’t hit u…Ryt?
DanceRach4lyfe: If he did, I don’t care anymore! Whatever… I guess I’ll never find the love of my life. I
am swearing off men! I’m too young for love anyway. We can be single together and move to NY like we
planned. You can do your whole athlete thing and I’ll dance with the Joffrey. We will happily ever after
together because after all chicks before… yeah know?
JenisUrSocGurl13: Ya…about that…. I have a confession…..

The author's comments:
I submitted this for a cause and effect essay for my english class.
The criteria was to be as creative as possible.

I hope you see the main points I made.
Also, the change in syntax and spelling of JenisUrSocGurl13 and DanceRach4lyfe has a point.

I hope you get it.

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