Am I so different?

December 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Timothy ran down the street. He always did this so he would be cut off by Saul and his gang. They liked to bully Timothy into giving them his lunch money. Finally he was in the clear as he turned into the block he lives on. He pats his pocket still happy that he got to keep the rest of his money for today. He usually go caught because Timothy was not a very fast runner. He was happy because today might actually be a good day for him. As he walked into his house he noticed no one was home like most of the time. His mother worked two shifts as a nurse and his little sister wouldn’t be home from day care in till auntie Martha dropped her off. Timothy thought he would go to his room and throw his tennis ball against the wall as he always did. He did this for a while in till his sister got home. He thanked Auntie Martha for bringing her home and he began to take care of her as he always did. He fed her and bathed her and did everything a three year old would need done for her. After he had put her to bed he was exaughsted and his left leg hurt just as it always did at the end of the day. He went to his bed and crashed just missing his mom as she came through the door late every night.

The next morning Timothy’s alarm went off. He had to rush and get to school or else Saul and his buddies were going to take his lunch money. He got dressed quickly and ran out of his house grabbing a piece of toast and kissing his mom good bye on the way out. He ran and as he was about half way Saul and his friends were there to cut him off.
“He there dorks.” Saul said with a sinister smile on his face.
“Well hey Saul. I’m going to be late for class so if you don’t mind just stepping aside.” Timothy said as he tried to scoot around Saul. Saul grabbed him by the hair and threw him to the ground.
“Hey man I brought lunch from home today. Don’t have a penny on me.” He said as he slowly got up.
“I could go for a homemade sandwich” Saul lifted his hand and made a fist. Just as he was about to bring in on Timothy’s face a voice called out.
“Hey you kids step away from him.” The voice called. Saul and his buddies sprinted off. Timothy could not tell where the voice had come from. He looked up to see a shady figure over him. The figure then reached out his hand and Timothy took it quickly. The man helped him up. He was an old man about late seventies.
“You ok son?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks for the help.” Timothy said as he was scraping the dirt off his arms.
“Why don’t you come inside and get washed up” The man asked nicely. Timothy was a little bit skeptical, but he felt like he could trust the man. He accepted the offer and as they walked through the yard there was a sign in the front that said puppies. There were also some cars parked outside Timothy decided he would be ok to go inside after all.
“You are selling puppies?” timothy asked.
“Why yes I am. My dog Darla just had a litter about 2 months back.” He said as he opened the door. Timothy opened the door to find the house was full of puppies. They were in crates, running around, and sleeping on each other.
“Just this way” The old man said. He followed him into the kitchen and the old man gave him a seat to sit in. The old man brought him a damp rag and Timothy started cleaning his wounds off. Just then a woman walked in through the door.
“Is this where the puppies are?” She asked.
“Yes ma’am, I’ll be with you in a moment.” He said back. The woman signaled for the rest of her family to walk in. Her husband, her son, and her daughter walked in excitedly. A complete family. Timothy had no idea what it was like to have one. As Timothy was sitting in the chair, he felt something hit his leg. He looked down to find it was a puppy.
“Hey there little guy.” Timothy said as he petted the top of the puppies head. As the puppy stood up Timothy noticed that he was missing his back right leg. The puppy looked up at Timothy and started wagging his tail with his tongue out.
“Oh you want to play huh? “ Timothy brought his hand down and started wrestling around with him. For fifteen minutes they played. Timothy was not worried about anything at all, for the first time in a long time he was having fun. Timothy looked up though to see the door open and the woman walking out of the house with a little puppy in her hands. The kids looked so happy as they were hanging around there fathers neck thanking him for the wonderful gift of a new friend. Then the door closed, as did Timothy’s wish for a perfect family.
“Sorry about that. You ok now?” The old man said as he was walking in from his living room.
“Yeah a lot better. Thanks.” Timothy said as he continued to play with the puppy with three legs.
“So you like that little guy huh?” The old man said as he bent down to pet the puppy on the head.
“ Yeah he is a lot of fun.” Timothy said as he rose from his seat.
“Yeah it’s a shame I’ll probably never sell him. Probably just have him put down. No one wants a three legged dog.” He said with a frown on his face.
“Why would you do that? Can’t you see he is perfectly fine?” Timothy said angrily.
“I’m sorry kid, but I can’t keep him and no one will want him.” The old man said.
“I’ll take him” Timothy said.
“Kid trust me you won’t want a dog like this. It involves too much care. He is no good you don’t want him!” He said beginning to get frustrated.
“Am I so different” Timothy said has he pulled up his right pants leg to reveal his plastic limb. The man starred in awe.
“I’m sorry I had no idea.” He said with sympathy in his voice.
“You goanna put me to sleep too. I want the dog. Please I know I could take care of him.”
“Fine, you got it kid. I’m sorry I had no idea.” The old man said
“Its ok most people don’t. I’ve been living like this my whole life anyway. If anyone should be receiving apologies it is my mom. She is the one who had to raise me like this after my dad skipped out on us.” He said with a slight smile.
“Tell you what kid, how about you take the dog home for free. It’s the least I could do” The old man said.
“No sir, I will pay for this fair and square, it is the least I can do for what you have done for me.” Timothy said.
“Fine then, five dollars. No more than that.” The old man said with a smile.
“Alright, fair enough.” Said Timothy
“So I never caught you name kid.” The old man said
“It’s Timothy and yours” Timothy asked as he put his hand out to shake.
“Mr. Donald. Now get out of here. You can pick up the dog on the way home” Mr. Donald said with a smile.

After school Timothy rushed to go back to Mr. Donald’s house. When he got there he knocked on the door furiously. He had his five buck ready in his hand that he had saved from not eating lunch. Finally the door opened.
“Back so soon.” Mr. Donald said.
“Yeah, and I have the money.” Mr. Donald said thank you for the money and handed over the leash with the three legged puppy attached to the end to Timothy.
“Now he may get tired on the walk home so you may have to carry him the rest of the way. Oh, and I completely forgot to ask. Is your mother ok with having a dog?” Ha asked
“Yeah of course I already ran it by her” Timothy lied.
“Ok great just making sure. It is a German Sheppard after all” Mr. Donald said.
“Ok well thank you for everything Mr. Donald!” Timothy said ecstatically as he petted his new friend.
“You’re very welcome. Any thoughts on names for your new friend.”
“Yeah, I think I will name him Sherlock.” Timothy said with a smile.
“Great name! You guys are always free to stop by. In fact come this way to school every day, I don’t want those kids messing with you anymore. “Mr. Donald said.
“Alright will do. Well thanks for everything again.” Timothy said. Waving good bye as him and Sherlock walked down the steps onto the street.
“Good bye now!” Mr. Donald said.

As Timothy was walking home he began to think of a way he could get his mom to let him keep the dog. He had no idea what she would say. At least he had a few hours in till his mom got home. As he walked in his house his mom was waiting inside with a birthday hat on along with his little sister.
“What’s this?” Timothy asked.
“It’s your birthday sweetie, don’t you remember?” His mother said. Timothy had completely forgotten. He knew it was this month but he must have lost track of time.
“Is that a dog?” His mother asked.
“Uh yeah, I wanted to mention that.” He said as his face turned bright red.
“Why do you have a dog with you” She said as she was beginning to get angry.
“Well Mr. Donald down on Springston Street was selling them; I got him for only five dollars.” He said quickly hoping she would understand.
“He’s only got three legs.” she pointed out.
“Yeah and I only got three limbs.” Timothy said motioning to his right leg. Timothy’s mom gave him a smile with a tear in her eye.
“Well your right about that. What’s his name?” His mother asked
“Sherlock” Timothy said.
Well Sherlock.” She said looking at the puppy.
“Welcome to your new home.”
For the following year Sherlock and Timothy’s bond grew stronger, and so did their bond with Mr. Donald. Everyday Timothy would walk near Mr. Donald’s house on the way to school and when he would return from school he would stop by for a snack and Sherlock would be waiting for him at Mr. Donald’s front door step. They all became the best of friends, watching movies together; replica’s and even listening to Mr. Donald read them one of his science fiction novels. One day though Timothy was returning home to school and when he arrived to Mr. Donald’s house there was an ambulance in front of it. Timothy ran over and fond that Sherlock was sitting next to the ambulance growling at the driver. Timothy screamed at Sherlock to get away from the car. Sherlock listened and sat on the side walk quietly. Timothy went to the window where the ambulance driver sat.
“What happened?” Timothy asked nervously.
“We got a call from this man claiming he was having a heart attack. When we got here it was too late. “The ambulance drives said with a frown on his face. Timothy began to cry. The ambulance driver offered to call his mom for him and she came and brought him home. Timothy and Sherlock were devastated.

A week later Timothy finally decided to go back outside and do something. He decided he would take Sherlock to the park. When they arrived it was a perfect sunny day, just what Timothy and Sherlock needed. Only it was not as perfect as it seemed because out of nowhere Saul and his buddies pooped up.
“Hey Timothy.” Saul said. Sherlock began to growl. Timothy pulled on his leash and told him to sit.
“Hey Saul.” Timothy said nervously.
“Hey we were sorry to hear about your friend. Also I’m sorry about what I used to do to you.” Saul said. Timothy couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“it’s ok, it was a year ago.” Timothy said.
“Cool, well me and the boy’s was goanna go play ball if you want to come?” Saul said.
“Yeah sure!” Timothy couldn’t believe this was happening. He finally had friends he could play with. Throughout the years Timothy and Saul became great friends. Timothy finally could fit in with people, and Mr. Donald and Sherlock showed him he didn’t need a leg to do it.

The author's comments:
Its another dog story

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