December 23, 2011
By Awesome007 BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
Awesome007 BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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Well, today is the day I finally turn eighteen. And when I go back and look at my memories where I shared a house with fifty six kids and shared a bed with some annoying kid, they weren’t the best. But today is the day I finally turn eighteen. Once a person turns eighteen they have a choice to leave the orphanage where they grew up in and my answer is “yes.” I really don’t have a place where I always desire to go but if anyone asked I would say “Where the wind blows.”
I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mark; I live at 256th Avenue, New York City. I’m a strong eighteen year old male, who goes to football practice every Wednesday. I dislike fighting, war and mostly anything in that category. There are only a few things I like; one, my friends (when I say friends that are only two people). Two, the only interest I have in this world, reading. And last but not least, my friends.
I guess once you turn a year older each year, you deserve a present since you’re not getting any younger. And my present is that my friends are going watch me play football for the first time. So, we have to catch the train which is in 15 minutes. WHAT! Oh my god! I have 15 minutes to catch the next train.
Grabbing my football equipment, grabbing my Gatorade, and grabbing my friends, we rush out of the orphanage.

Down 256th Avenue, New York City, we run as fast a cheetah. Streets are crowded as usual, and we bump into civilians along the way. Standing tall, the skyscrapers are about fifteen stories high. And thru the clear glass windows people stare. As we head for Time Square and the time reads 7:09. Oh no! I only have 6 minutes in total to make the train.

But the Subway, printed in white letters shows up, and I know that we will make it. We jump into the train and the doors shut. We made it. Breathing heavily, from all that running we did. It wasn’t easy running thru the entire city. I decide to grab a sit across from John and Al’yse. John doesn’t get a lot exercise since he doesn’t get out much. His blond hair is up to his neck and his green eyes stare into the ceiling. In his hand he has a book that reads, Quantum Physics. My sixteen year old friend is reading a book about Quantum Physics. John is my- techno geek-language translator, philosopher and a good comrade.

Al’yse isn’t much of a talker. Her jet black hair was down to her back but a streak white hair made her look one year older than she was. She was attractive and always does things with grace. Maybe, my crush on her is growing every day.

Practice wasn’t the best since Al’yse was too busy talking to Tony rather than watching me play football. Every five seconds I turn around, Tony is trying to flirt with my future girlfriend or wife possibly.

On the way home I couldn’t help asking Al’yse about Tony. What was the difference between me and him was he hotter how about more popular or is it that he is rich? It took her to get to the door until finally blowing up. Her face was red as a tomato and steam flew out of her ears.
“DON’T YOU DARE TALK TO ME,” Al’yse yell was fierce.

“Why don’t you talk to your boyfriend instead?” I said

“Mark, you’re being really immature.”

“What! I’m being immature!”

“Yes, you are,”

“Well, I’m not taking with me when I leave.”


“FINE!!” I yelled back.

Al’yse stormed out the room without saying another word. After a while I bet she’ll calm down and forget that we even argued. Anyway I had more to worry about, packing. I made a list of what to pack, and check off the one I have. The following list is:

Clothing (about fifteen shirts and fifteen pants)

I sat and sighed at the list. At that exact moment, John burst through the door.

“Hello! I’m ready!”

“What are you ready for?”

“I’m coming with you, Silly.”

“No, you’re not.”

“What about that time you said that you protect me and Al’yse .”

“Fine. I have to apologize to her. I’ve been rude and I have to make it up to her.”

Talking to Al’yse wasn’t the problem. It was apologizing to her. Somehow women always think their right and they expect the man to come and say “Sorry, I’ll never do it again.” But men never live up to their mistakes and end up doing it again.

I knocked on Al’yse door. No answer. I didn’t bother knock again, I kick open the door. It was dark and empty. There was no movement. The room had an enough light from the windows to me to catch a glimpse of the room.

I walked over to her bed. There laid a letter including two books, one of the titles was 4 Word Memoirs and the other was 4 blind Mice.

John offer to read the letter but I said I will.

Happy Birthday Mark! I hide and you seek. July, month of freedom. Needing lots of help. Stop it, Mark you bad boy. You need keys to open a door, as in map. Mrs. Brindise went to the store to find pizza. I and me and myself.

What! This letter doesn’t make sense. John came up with a conclusion of his own.
“Well, you choose. One: she ran away. Two: She is kidnapped. Three: She is dead.”

“But how will a letter that makes no sense, make you think those things.”

John didn’t answer my question; he seemed to ignore me in a way. But, I didn’t care; all I wanted was to find the other third of me.

“Mark, look at these books.”

“What’s so important about them, Al’yse reads a lot.”

“And if look at every four word in the paragraph, it makes a new sentences.”

“So it’s a code! John you’re a genius! ”


Something was also on the bed, it was two maps. One was the world map and the other was New York State. I stared at the New York State map not because I never seen one before, it’s because there were X and O that were in a specific place.

“Oh Goodness! I hope we find her.”

I felt my hope running low. But that’s not a good sign.


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