December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Hannah as they call, her once had the perfect life, perfect parents, perfect house, perfect everything. she had everything you could ever want. As she was growing up, when she got to the age of 6 she started to notice everything, her parents, her house, everything she ever imaged, was just a bribe so she wouldn't know the truth behind everything. As she came to the age of 9 she became very I'll, her parents came to the point where they just told the truth behind everything. She found out that her parents were really not her parents. As she was laying in the hospital bed a crystal tear came down her cheek. She Couldn't Believe It All she wanted to do was cry she wanted to be dead. She could have never imagined that she was adopted. As she lay on the hospital bed she thought of all the good memories that her and her adopted parents have been through. Tears came down her cheeks. The Doctor came and told her she was suffering of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. A cancer, Non-Hodgkin lymphomas can occur at any age and are often marked by lymph nodes that are larger than normal, fever, and weight loss. Hannah's Mom Was Shocked. She started to cry. Hannah's dad walked out of the room. He himself couldn't believe that his little girl was suffering cancer, at such a young age.
As Hannah got treatment for her cancer, she realized that no matter what she loved her parents. She's been through everything with them.

As she turned to the age of 13 she became very ill. With the same cancer she has been suffering for at least for 4 years. She was wondering why she got it. Maybe that cancer ran through the family. All she knew is that she didn't want to suffer from cancer.
As The years grew and Hannah got older the cancer got worse . . . . .

It All Started on a Sunday morning Hannah was laying on the hospital bed she started noticing that her mom and dad had not visited her for over a week, she thought maybe they were somewhere trying to get a treatment for her. All she knew is that she needed to keep her head up. As the night grew darker, Hannah started to notice that she was growing weaker, thinner, her skin became very light. She thought it was maybe because she didn't get a good nights rest but it wasn't that it was caused by the cancer. She hadn't seen her mom or dad in weeks.
It was Hannah's birthday next week. All she wanted for her birthday was her mom and dad to come visit her.
That day on her birthday Hannah became very ill. Her fever was very high. She didn't feel so good.
At 5:25 pm Hannah had been under special supervision. She became very week, she couldn't even open her eyes. She fell asleep after taken a bunch of medicine.
As she sleep she dreamed about her mom. Her mom was beautiful, beautiful long brown hair, she had those eyes that shined brighter then the sun. Hannah thought about her dad, oh her dad, he was tall and skinny. His eyes were blue. Blue like a Globularia. Her favorite flower. As she thought of both her parents. The doctor had come in while she was asleep. He was talking to the nurse, she had heard that she had a couple of days to live. Was it true, she couldn't believe it at all. The last thing she ever wanted is to say good-bye to her mom and dad.
2:00 in the morning Hannah had pasted away they took her to the cometary. They buried her next to her parents. Hannah's parents had died in a car accident. The reason why they didn't visit her in the hospital.
Hannah had died with a broken heart. All she ever wanted was to see her mom and dad ONE Last time.
Hannah's grave had a stone carving of her and her mom and dad sitting on their front porch.
The story is that Hannah's parents were dying to go see Hannah at the hospital, while her dad was turning up the radio he let go of the wheel for a while and crashes into a tree. Hannah's mom had several injuries, she had open her skull and had been paralyzed in the hospital. The days she was their didn't go so well. She was depressed because her husband had pasted away, and her little Hannah was in the hospital
Hannah's story had been depressing. If only she had seen her parents....

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this story was I thought about writing a story that would be touching, I thought about all the little kids having cancer. I thought about a little girl named Hannah, about her having the perfect life, but then end up having a horrible life. As I kept writing i thought about her parents passing away with her. Hannah's parents had passed away weeks after she had gotten worse on her cancer, she was devastated about not seeing her parents she died because she wanted to see her parents at least one more time.
The story to me was touching when I read it I thought I had done a pretty good job.
I hope people will learn that sometimes people aren't fortunate to have a good life like us, being healthy, running around with our friends. Sometimes some people have the luck to survive cancer. But unlike some people their are not fortunate to survive. I also want people to be grateful for having their family, their parents the people they love and care for. Just imagine having a perfect life and then end up having cancer, your parents dieing, and then you dieing because you couldn't see your parents one last time.

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