Alone on an Island

December 13, 2011
sp“You will be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with your “family.” There will be a small aircraft that will fly over the ship on the second night. Your mission will be to terminate the pilot of that plane. He is American and he works for the CIA. We suspect that he is flying over to Russia to blow up our nuclear missiles by next year, 2024. He CANNOT even come close to those missiles. That is why it is your job to stop him as soon as possible. You will be armed with a 50 caliber sniper rifle, either shoot the gas tank or take him out. You will be in the middle of the ocean so nobody will ever be able to find that plane. You’re the only one I got for this specific job, don’t let me down. Go, agent Sokolov, and don’t come back unless the job is done.
When I woke up there was sand blowing across my face. Where was I? That was all that I was thinking about in that moment. Just the day before I was having fun with my “family” on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, now I’m lost in who knows where. I get up and I feel blood on my head. I must have passed out from hitting my head on something. I can’t remember much from yesterday, but I do remember that there was something that went wrong with the ship and the next thing I knew, I found myself in the water with a life saver.
When I get up I start walking toward a small jungle type woods. First, I need to find a fresh water source. I walk up to the edge of the woods, take a deep breath and walk in. The woods is very quiet, it almost makes me kind of nervous. I kept walking for a while until I hear something that sounds like water falling. I follow the sound of the water until I come to a clearing with a beautiful waterfall, perfect.
The waterfall was very beautiful. I ran up to the pool that was under it ducked my head under the water and took in big gulps of the luscious water. I drank and drank until I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and I pulled my head out of the water. Next, I thought, I either need a shelter or some food. I did eat right before I went to bed on the cruise ship, and I am assuming that it is the next day, so I am going with the shelter.

I quickly find a high point, just in case it rains, get some dead sticks, branches with leaves and make a teepee out of it. I make a giant teepee; I am guessing that it is about five feet by five feet. I leave a small opening in the top of it so the smoke from the fire can escape from my shelter. Once I’m finished, it is getting dark. I don’t have any weapons to get any food, I thought to myself, so I am just going to go to sleep and will make weapons and hunt tomorrow. I go inside my teepee and lie down and fall asleep.
When I wake up I forgot where I was. I look around and then remember what had happened. I also remember that I need to make weapons to hunt and maybe even a fishing pole. I get up and leave the shelter that I had made the night before. I go out into the woods to find long branches, and I find a very small old plane that must have crashed here a long time ago. I walk in the plane and find a ton of guns and other big weapons, the people who were on this plane must have been going on a safari or something. I grab a pistil, a rifle, a knife and some ammunition and leave the plane.
Now I have to find that branch, I thought. I walk around, making sure I know exactly where I went, and find a perfectly straight four foot long branch. I break off the branch and use the knife to cut away the end of the branch to make a spear. “I don’t need to make a fishing pole now.” I said to myself. “I can just use the spear instead.”
I walk back to my little campsite. I go to the shore of the pool under the waterfall and wade in. As soon as I set foot in I see small fish swimming all over the place, I try to spear one right away but miss. I stand still and wait for another fish to come over to me. Soon, I see a bigger fish coming up to me. I stand very still until it comes up next to me, I put the spear over the surface of the water, take a deep breath, and spear as hard and fast as I could. I felt the spear hit something, I pulled it out of the water but there was nothing on it. Dang, I thought, I’ll just have to try again. I waited a little while longer until another fish; a little smaller than the last one, swam up by me. This time I concentrated a lot more, took aim, and stick towards the fish. After I spear the water I feel my spear wiggling, I lift up the spear, and see a fish on the end of the spear. Quickly I bring the fish to my shelter, by the time I get back the fire pit the fish is already dead. I start a fire, put a stick through the fish, and start a type of rotisserie.
Soon enough, the fish is done and ready to eat. I accidentally swallow a couple bones but I don’t really care because of how hungry that I am. Then something popped into my head, “I should make a flag or an SOS sign, just in case a plane or boat comes toward this island.”
The time, I estimated, was around 1:00, so I thought that I would have enough time to at least make an SOS sign. I gather as many big logs and branches as I could, and began to make my sign. I got done with an “S” and an “O” before it got dark. I found my way back to my shelter, laid my head down and fell asleep.
I woke up to a strange noise. It was still dark, but the sun was trying to peak over the edge of the earth so I could see a little bit. I got out of my shelter and followed the noise until I knew exactly what it was, it was a plane! I quickly got two sticks and lit a fire faster than anything that I have ever done before. Suddenly, I saw blinking lights in the sky! I lit the “S” and “O” on fire and grabbed a bigger stick and waved it in the air until I saw the plane change direction towards me. I was very lucky because the plane had giant paddles so it could land in the water.
Once it landed, the pilot came out and asked what had happened to me. I explained everything to him and asked if he had room for me. He said he did and I climbed aboard his plane and we took off.
I took out the pistol and shot the pilot, and then I pulled out my cell phone and called my boss. “Job’s done” said the Russian spy. I hung up and took control of the plane and flew back to headquarters.

“Well done Sokolov.” Said the boss, “You deserve a trip; pick a place, any place in the world. Where would you like to go?”
“I want to go on a real Caribbean cruise.” I said.
“Okay,” the boss agreed, “When would you like to go?”
“As soon as possible.”
“How about this weekend?”
“Okay, I’ll get your tickets then.”
“Great,” I said again. On the inside I was very excited to go on this cruise.
That weekend, I went to headquarters to get my tickets for the cruise. I went in and out without even a word being said by anybody, to me or by me.
Saturday morning, the ocean breeze is warm and I am ready for a three day cruise through the Caribbean. Once on the ship, I saw a man and I had a flashback. I’ve seen this man before; I remember seeing him on the ship last time. He is American, very well built, maybe used to be in the army. I remember seeing him on the bow of the ship. That’s all that I can remember.
That night I have a dream, but this dream seems like it’s happened before. There is fire everywhere, the ship is tilting over and is going to flip upside-down. I look off the ship and see a life raft with one person in it. It isn’t very far away so I can make out a face; it’s the guy that I met in the cruise line! The one that I remember seeing on my mission.
I wake up, drenched in sweat. That’s it! That American man is the one that I was supposed to kill on my mission. What went wrong that I killed the wrong person? I grabbed my luger as fast as I could, left my room and went of searching. Since it was 6:00 AM, there were plenty of people already up for breakfast. I walk into the cafeteria, and look around for him. “Nope,” I say to myself, “He isn’t in here.” My search continues for almost an hour. I get tired fast and I head back to my room. As I’m walking down my hallway I see a door open right next to mine. A man walks out, turns to me, says good morning, and walks off to breakfast. It took me a minute to realize that that man was the one that I have been looking for all morning. He turns the corner, and I start running toward him. When I turn the corner something hard hits me in the face. I land flat on my back, the wind in knocked out of me and I think my nose is broken. I get up to see the American man standing in front of me. I grab for my luger but it’s not there, I look for it and I see it in the corner. I go for it but the man tackles me into the wall. He pile drives me into the ground, and starts to punch me in the face. I punch him in the face to get him off of me, and then I get on top of him, and punch him as hard as I could to knock him out, but he stays awake. I punch him again and jump off of him toward my luger, but by the time I turn around and aim at him, I see him running towards the cafeteria. I get up and chase after him. I get to the cafeteria, and look around frantically, I ask everybody by the door if they saw a big guy run through here, they said no and I keep running down the hallway. I round another corner and the same thing happens to me again, I get punched in the face. I fall on my back again and my gun goes flying down the hallway. I see the American run toward the gun, I grab his leg and he trips. I hold onto his leg, pull him toward me, and take out my knife that I have in my shoe. I stab him in the leg, and I hear a painful scream, and I feel my nose break again from another punch. I cup my hands around my nose, stand up and see a sight that I thought I would never see in my life, an American pointing my very own luger at me. “?? ?????? ???? ??????.” (You should be dead.) Then he shot me, but not in the head, like where I thought, he shot me in the leg. Then the other one, then a shoulder, and the other shoulder too. By now there was people running all over the place from the gun shots. Slowly and painfully, I stand up and stand in front of him. We both stand there for a few minutes, and stare into each others eyes. Then I take my knife that I picked up off of the floor, and stab him as hard as I could in the heart. ?????? ?? ??????. (Now you are dead.)

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