December 22, 2011
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“No don’t go in there” cracks from the ceiling start to get bigger.
“NO!” Kevin screams as he scrambles to find his best friend in the rubbish.
Staring at Dale, Kevin sits at his limp side and hears boom, boom, boom, crash. Awakened in a panic Kevin jumps up. He is still being haunted by that horrific day.
“What’s wrong honey?” his wife says to him.
“Just that dream again, go back to bed.
“Are you sure? We can go see that doctor again”
“Naw babe I’m fine goodnight.”
Kevin is still haunted by that day at work. He worked with his best friend Dale for a very long time. They have been friends since kindergarten and all through their adult years, until that one horrid day. Kevin thought everything was going perfect. His wife made him an amazing breakfast, and off to the station he went to meet up with Dale. A couple hours later after cleaning the truck and jamming out, the bell began to ring. They knew they had to go. Scrambling to get dressed and grab their gear they hopped into the trucks and off they went to the 5 alarm fire. Planning, grouping, sending in the best unit, everything went as planned. Dale and Kevin headed to the 3rd floor of the smoke filled hot building. They knew anything could happen, going into fires on a next level floor is very dangerous. There were so many possibilities of getting hurt or even worse. But they thought they were okay, the chief said it was safe. But as they headed to one room it started to get scarier. The walls were collapsing, chunks from the ceiling were starting to fall. Dale saw something that to him looked like a person so he took off running.
Kevin knew it wasn’t safe and yelled for him “stop, come back, it’s not worth it, the whole building could fall.”
But it was too late as soon as Dale entered the room the ceiling collapsed on him. He was killed instantly by the impact of the heavy metal beams and cement blocks.
To this day Kevin cannot forget that day. The only thing keeping him here is his lovely wife Joy. Joy is a tall lengthy, beautiful dark haired woman. They’ve been married for 4 years when they lost Dale. They’re on their fifth year and she’s helping him get through his loss. It was heartache to remember for both of them. Day by day they moved on little by little. Till one day something incredible happened. Kevin and Joy found out they were pregnant. They celebrated and notified everyone. Going to the doctor twice a month they were getting more and more excited. They finally after the second appointment they found out the due date and on the third, the sex. The due date the doctor told them was August 6th, also the day of the second year anniversary of losing Dale. Sad and happy they really didn’t know what to do or what to expect.
Would it really happen on this day?” Kevin asked Joy.
But they were excited and were hoping for the best. Everything was planned perfectly. Kevin added an extra addition to the house for the baby. Joy went shopping and had a baby shower. Everything went good for the first 8 months. Then excitement turned into nervousness. Kevin and Jot were getting worried and more anxious each day. August 2nd came around and they were ready for their new bundle of joy. The bags were packed they were ready for the hospital. On August 5th, Joy went into labor. They rushed to the hospital and called everyone. 12:00AM came on August 6th and baby boy Kevin Jr. was born. A day a life was lost and a new one was born into the world, a way to celebrate a new life and cherishing an old. From that day on Kevin and Joy made a packed to visit the cemetery every year on Kevin Jr.’s birthday to remember a beloved friend. Dale will always be remembered

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