Break out

December 21, 2011
By Anonymous

I lay on the bloody tiles. The coldness stopped the flow of life in my body. I was dying. My face was covered in black ash. How did I get here? Oh yeah, I was out in the village with my little sister, Lola. Lola wandered away from me and I couldn't find her anywhere. After 2 hours and 30 minutes of hard work, Lola was at the fruit stand looking at the mouth watering fruits. The man working it turned his back to get more tempting fruits when Lola took 5 grapefruits and stuck them under her shirt. When the hairy man turned back around, he saw her stuffing them in her petite shirt and immediately called security. She was running for her life and as soon as one man threw his metallic knife and my little sister, I jumped in front of her. The knife got me in the chest and the men took me to the dungeons. I saved my little sister, but I was going to die. Who knows where she is now! My mother died of cancer while my father ran away. They are probably killing her right at this second. My eyes fluttered to a shut but suddenly came back open. I was standing up and trying to break out. Some how somewhere I had broken out. I wasn't as fast as those people from movies who gain all their strength back in jail, but I was trying my best. Back in the village my sister was laying against a cherry tree drifting off. "What the?" Lola was staring out in the open. "Is that Rachel?" She started walking, then came to jogging, then came to sprinting. We hugged each other in delight. "Maybe WE should run away from... this." I pointed at the rich people giving death glares at the poor. We both started t laugh at a man wearing some kind of dress. "Maybe we should go to that cute kingdom. Ya know?" Lola nodded in delight. We both started going north. We never looked back.

The author's comments:
I have a secret life so no info will be shown. If you are my friends, then I'll tell you all about it!

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