December 20, 2011
Dad! I got some good news yelled Steve. What is it? Yelled his dad in reply. I got an A on my math test. Great job Steve how bout dat English quiz? Well…I sort of got a C. A C? You gabony! Dad I tried my best whined Steve. Oh don’t gimme dat tried my best, o take a long walk on a short bridge. What’s all the yelling said Patti quickly running into the room. Don’t worry about it said Steve’s dad with a very fierce tone.

As Steve’s dad was walking out Patti being herself had to know what happened.

Patty asked with a very curious look on her face, why was dad so furious? Cuz I got a C. On what? English, Steve mumbled. HAHA, guess what I got on that…yup, an A.

Steve started up on his homework while his parents discussed what they’re going to do about his slowly slipping B in English. As soon as Steve finished he ran to the door and grabbed his old New York Giants Cap, his used to be white sneakers, and his Alvin Dark baseball glove.

Dad I am going to play baseball! Screamed Steve while running to the door. Be back by 7:00 he yelled in reply. Steve sprinted out the door and straight to the field was only this excited to play baseball when it was his turn to pitch; which it was.

Steve, why you so late? Said Freddie. Sorry my dad was furious at me. Why? Can we just play yelled Tony while waiting in the batter’s box.

Steve threw about 20 pitches to Dutch, then let everybody know that he was ready. The first pitch he threw was right at Tony Knees. Steve hollered out strike one but Tony disagreed. After a good 5 minutes of fighting, they just agreed that they would restart. It wasn’t that big of a deal since that was the first pitch of the game. As a joke Tony showed bunt; I’ll just say that he never showed bunt to anyone for the rest of his life. After a long game of stellar defense by both sides, they called it quits. Steve walked home by himself, and when he got home he had to hear this from his dad.

STEVE! What time did I tell you to be back by? You said 7:00. So what time is it right now roared Steve’s dad in a raging tone. 7:00. So then why does every ingle clock in this apartment say 8:30? Well then someone must of changed the time on my watch…Patti!

Steve ran at Patti but she locked herself inside the bathroom. He grabbed the closes thing to him, the vacuum cleaner, and with two hands threw it over the door and shattered the glass window above it. It came crashing down just missing Patti by inches.

I’m only 13 so I can’t use the words that Steve’s da said, but I can say that he was pretty mad.

15 Hours Later

Knock Knock Knock. Steve get the door! Yelled his dad. Oh hey Freddie whats up. Nothin much, so you wanna come play some stickball on Crescent Place, there are just about no cars on the road at all. DAD! Can I play stickball with Freddie? Sure but be ready to do chores when you get back. Okay By!

Steve and Freddie sprinted up to Crescent Place (Steve was obviously way ahead of Freddie) where all the guys from yesterdays sandlot game were there waiting, even Tony.

After they all split up into positions, they started to play. Steve got to hit first since he was going to pitch right after. The first pitch he saw he took a huge hack at. He watched as the ball hooked left over the car and then…BANG! Right into the window of the local dentists office. Steve threw the stick under a car and took off running. After about 2 minutes Steve heard sirens so he yelled CHICKI THE COPS!

After about 5 minutes of running, the police finally caught all of them, especially Steve.

The police brought him home and talked to his parents about punishments, but Steve didn’t hear them because he was too busy doing chores or should I say staying away from his dad.

This would only last about 30 seconds because after the policeman left, Steve’s dad came marching towards him only to be stopped by his mother who had just walked in the door.

1 Hour Later

After a long talk between Steve’s parents they decided that if Steve payed for the window with his own money, he would not have to serve any consequences.

46 Hours and 20 dollars later

Dad I’m going to play with the guys Steve said quickly while running past his dad’s bedroom. Be back by soon he moaned in reply. Steve probably should have told his mom since it was his dad’s day of and he was trying to sleep-in.

Again all them broke up into positions. They all decided that Steve should hit last just in case. After everybody hit, Steve trotted in. Dutch as joke yelled “Everybody get ready to run!” The pitch came in right over the middle so Steve took another huge hack at it. This one went to the right and went straight over the car and then…

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