December 20, 2011
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Crack! Boom! Bang!
The storm is coming closer. I can hear the trees breaking as the lightning strikes and thunder cracks. My mom tells me to come to the basement as the sirens start up. When I get halfway down the stairs I realize that my cat is upstairs. As my mom screams for me to come down stairs I run up and grab my cat. When I pick her up I see that the clouds outside are green and the wind is picking up. I run downstairs to my mom, brother, and dad. They have the weather radio on listening to the weather to see what's going to happen. As we wait for it to pass I try to keep calm. The sirens keep going on and on as if they will never stop. Then the sirens stop and the radio says that the storm has left. So I go upstairs and see that the windows are broken and the whole neighborhood is a disaster. Our house and two more houses were spared with only minor damage. So we decided that if anybody wanted to stay with us they could. And after that every time bad weather came into town you would know hours before because the animals would go crazy.

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