And she lost again. But this time she lost her most valuable possession.

December 14, 2011
By Karla15 GOLD, -, Arizona
Karla15 GOLD, -, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
As the tide washed in the Dutch tulip man faced the ocean, "Conjoiner rejoinder poisoner concealer revelator, look at it: rising up and rising down, taking everything with it."
"What's that?" Anna asked.
"Water," said the Dutchman, "Well, and time."

My terrorist attack story.

It was a normal day. Tired conversations were flowing through the halls. I had my coffee mug in hand thinking about the way the sun shone through the window. I loved living in Tennessee, it always made me so happy. Then I heard a scream. I thought the copier was down again. I closed the door to my classroom and turned to face the students.
"Good morning class." I said.
"Good morning Miss.Howard." They repeated sounding like robots. I smiled and turned to the board and started writing the lesson. All of a sudden I heard loud voices in the hall and crying. I rushed to the hall and saw a fire licking up the wall. The flames looked like a piece of the sun flew off.
"Class! Get in a single filed line. NOW!" I yelled impatiently. "Katie follow Mr.Repends class." She turned and bobbed away with the rest of the kids. Their faces went blank as soon as the first flame caught their eye. The fire was growing closer. How many classes got out? Is everything going to be okay? I walked behind the class and grabbed the 'Fire Binder!' When we got outside everyone was confused and scared. I counted all the children glad they were all safe. Then I saw Mrs.Woodchips class come out crying. Mrs. woodchips was my sons teacher. I ran to her quickly, my eyes frantic for Robin, my son.
"Where is he?!" I yelled.
"He...He was on the way to your classroom to give you flowers for your birthday. The fire trapped him in. I'm so sorry!" She cried.
This couldn't be happening. He was only in third grade. I remembered his smiling face when he woke up. His eyes shining full of life. But now where was he? Where?

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