The story of Humpty Dumpty

December 18, 2011
This is a story about a little girl, the story of the alleged Humpty Dumpty. Now I am going to tell you how the nursery rhyme came about . I shall tell you about her great fall so they say. Her great fall was not really a fall but it was hard none the less. Lets go back when she was about eight years old. She remember it vividly she was standing there her long dark hair falling past the middle of her back she could hear hI'm coming her heart start to race. She turn and runs for the closet but it is to late, by this tI'me he is at the door she could see the anger and hostility on his face. The little girl Humpty drops to the ground because she knows what is coming. She closes her eyes and prepares herself for the beating she does not deserve. She hears hI'm screaming that's when the unspeakable happens she feels his palm smack bluntly against her cheek she cowers in fear he is now screaming at her saying that it is all her fault this has happened. This crazed man with blood on his hands not his own, no never his own but the blood of this beautiful little girl her blood is on his hands and he could care less. As he is hitting her he is blaming her for the death of her mother.

Finally, he stops hitting the poor helpless soul know as Humpty. She is just laying there with a blood soaked shirt crying uncontrollably. She manages to ge tup enough strenght to go into the bathroom to clean up her wounds as she walks her shirt is clinging to her delicate eight year old body. When she is finished she goes and sits on her bed and grabs her only possession her journal. She begins to right about the beating she always documented the beating and how severe it was she had wrote that this was one of the worst ones yet. She longs for the day that summer ends and school begins. The beatings are not as bad when she has school because he does not want any one to know of the horrible, stomach churning obscenities that he does to that little girl called his daughter. She lays her bed thinking what did I do to deserve all this? Is it really my fault the my mother is dead? She has been pondering things like this since she was a young age. This little girl whom was once loved by all is now just a poor forgotten soul. She is now crying herself to sleep and when she awakes she knows it will all happen again.

Its a brightly lit Sunday morning Humpty is actually happy because she knows that her father will not be home till after he is done preaching for he is the pastor of Saint Vincent. She wonder's if he would have as many members in the church if they knew what he did to the little girl they grew to forget. She wonder's what he tells them when they ask about little old Humpty. As for know she represses that thought and gets out of bed her body stiff from the brutal beating she endured last night. She into the kitchen and starts to make herself something to eat because she knows it will be a while beforee she gets a good meal again. The door swings open she hears hI'm stopping through the living room coming closer and closer to where she is she drops her food and hides under the table, she can feel here heart pounding in her chest if she did not know any better she would have thought her heart was going to pound right out of her chest. Humpty brings her knees to her chest and closes her eyes hoping he would just forget her had a daughter. She hears hI'm call her name in a devilish tone of voice. She starts to whI'mper he hears her. She feels hI'm rip her out from under the table. She cries a blood hurdling scream the devil man hI'mself hits her so hard she sees red.
'' What did I do ? '' Humpty manages to squeal.
'' Everything, you mess everything up! Why are you still alive? '' He screams as he his is introducing his fist to her side.
'' Stop please stop I'm sorry please don't hit me anymore I didn't mean to do what ever I did I'm sorry.'' she stammers.
'' Shut up you ungrateful little mess up'' He then picks Humpty off of the ground and carries her by her arm to the top of the basement steps he smiles sinisterly at the little girl. she feels his hands run up and down her back as if he is Turing to be comforting but she knows better than that. He the pushes her as hard as he could and fell hitting what seems to be every stair on the way down. Humpty can feel that there is something wrong with her arm when she looked at it, it is at a weird angle.

Humpty has came to the conclusion that her arm is broken .she has also come the conclusion that she needs to get out of this place before she dies the last tI'me she was in the basement she got beat so bad she wouldn't walk. But the first this she has to do is make her arm tolerable. Because if she wants to escape with her life she cant have something like a arm slowing her down. She knew what she had to do, she also knew that it was going to be painful but she had to face the pain to be free. She braces herself against the wall, puts a rag in her mouth so he wont hear her scream. Humpty then jerks Turing to make it straight again. She fails. She tried again and she hears a loud crack and feels unbelievable pain but she knows she did it right. Humpty takes off one of her two shirts and rips it so she can use it to rap her arm up in it so the bone does not pop out again. Now all she can do is wait till night fall.

The cover of night is among her she slowly walks over to the window and pushes. Nothing, she pushes again and again. Still nothing Humpty then gets livid grabs a hammer smashes the window she hurries and clI'mbs out of it. Out of know where she hears hI'm ''hey! Get back here! You need me!''. She then turns as she is running she sees hI'm with a gun in his hand little Humpty knew that she could not out run her father. So she did the only thing she could think of she stopped dead in her tracks and turns around hiding that she still had the hammer in her hand. He ran up to her his hand in a fist but just before his hand connected with her cheek she dropped to the ground he spun in a complete circle that's when she took advantage of the situation and as he stopped to get his balance she hits hI'm on the head with the hammer. She hits hI'm again, and again she sees hI'm bleeding and she could not care less she finally stops hitting hI'm and by now she is in tears. She fell down to the ground as she drops the hammer she does not know what came over her. He is just laying there no movement at all. Humpty crawls over to where he is laying she pokes hI'm to see if he is breathing. She bends over hI'm to feel if there is breath coming from the despicable man that is her father. Out of no where his eyes pop open he grabs her hair and throws her a cross the lawn. He jumps up before she can get away. He walking over to the little girl and picks her up by the arm and drags her back to the house. Humpty is hyperventilating. Not knowing if she was going to live or if she is going to die.

Her father has now locked her in the all closet she can not see a thing not at all. He is in the bathroom cleaning the wounds that his little girl did. With every wound he cleans the madder he becomes. Her father is now so mad he runs to the closet and grabs Humpty and throws her against the wall walks over to her and grabs her be her tiny shoulder and picks her up and slams her against the wall holding her there not allowing her to move. She tries to fight hI'm but he is just was to strong for her. He places his forearm against her throat. It is getting hard for the little girl to breath. Humpty is starting to get sleepy and is not fighting as much as she was beforee. Finally she stops fighting all together.

When Humpty became conscious she felt a tight sensation around both her wrists and ankles. She tries to move but she can not she starts to panic and pull at the leather straps that have now bound her together. She tries to scream but her voice is coarse and it hurts to bad to scream. She has now excepted the fact that she is going to die. It must be better than this she thought. There has to be something better in the after life than all this antagonising pain. Bang! Humpty hears the front door slam open in an instant she starts to cry as she hears frantic footsteps drawling nearer. The door of the basement flings open and her father practically jumps down the steps. Humpty heard something she has never heard beforee, she heard her father crying Her father ran over to her and undid the leather straps as fast as he could, he picked up Humpty and carried her into the far back room of the basement. Her father holds her intranet of hI'm with his hand over her mouth as if to silence her then, just then she hears it, there were about five police men that came into the house. She then feels a small amount of relief flow through her. The police were there because her father apparently hit a cop and ran. And now there pounding on the basement door Turing to find this vicious man. ''The man had a weapon'' one of the officers said. She started to panic '' is he going to hurt me even more?'' was the only thing that went through her mind. She felt her heart pounding in her chest as the cops came down the steps.
''Stop I have a gun and I will not hesitate to shoot this little girl. '' He yelled at the officers.
'' Sir everything will be okay just let the little girl go. '' The young cop whom was about twenty-five said.
''Don't come any closer I'm warning you I will kill her don't underestI'mate me she will be dead and it will be your fault not mine. ''He said. Humpty was so scared that she was going to die. She could feel the cold steel of the gun press firmly against her neck. The only thing she could hear that was louder than her heart beat was the foot steps of the cop whom was Turing to save her . In an instant she saw the cop.
''Get back! Get back now!'' He demanded.
'' I'm unarmed I have no weapon I'm here to help you get what you want. '' The cop said with his hands in the air.
''I swear if you don't go in three seconds I'm going to shoot her.'' He stated.
''Don't do this Pastor I can get you off with minI'mum to no conviction. " The cop said getting closer.
'' One. . . two . . .three . . ." As he says three he pulls the trigger shoting little Humpty Dumpty in the carotid artery. He then throws Humpty at the officer and runs the cop applies pressure to her neck to stop the bleeding. As he is doing so Humpty manages to stamer let me die. Just as she says that her eyes close and her body goes lI'mp. Afew moments later the cop is standing there in awe and he hears a cops shout no don't do it then bang! The Pastor shot hI'mself right in the temple but before he did he said see you in hell

This is the story of Humpty great fall as you can see it was not a pysical fall but a hard one as I told you beforee.

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