His Last Wish

December 11, 2011
It was a normal day for the Williams family; everyone doing was going about the day as usual. When they got a phone call asking them to come in immediately for an emergency appointment, Payton had Jayden get in the car.

“Today we are going to go to the doctors office, Jayden.” Payton announced.

“But, Mom! I don’t want to go to the doctors today,” whined Jayden.

“Well, the doctor said it was important for you go today, so you are going.”

”Okay, if the doctor said it was important, I guess we can go”

When they got to the doctor’s office, Dr. Gavin Jones immediately took Jayden into an examination room.

“Thank you for coming in today; I know it was last minute but there is something you must know. After thoroughly examining the x-rays that we did a couple weeks ago, we found a large amount of cancer in Jayden’s brain.”

“Jayden has cancer?” Payton said in disbelief. “Are you sure the x-ray results that you looked at are Jayden’s? The x-ray can’t be correct; you have to be looking at the wrong x-rays. How much longer does he have to live (if you are looking at the right x-rays)?”

“I checked at least five times to make sure I was looking at the x-rays. I am sorry to tell you this, but Jayden has a year at most to live.”

Dr. Jones was saying things about Jayden needing Chemotherapy, but Payton could not bear to listen to someone tell her that her sweet little boy was dying from cancer. She allowed herself to think back to when she had first gotten married and had gotten pregnant with Jayden.

It all started back when Payton Smith first married her first husband, Logan Williams, who was a General in the U.S. Marines. He went out shortly after they had gotten married on deployment for his first four years. A couple weeks after Logan was deployed, Payton found out that she was pregnant with a baby. She wrote Logan a letter telling him the good news and how happy she was. Logan wrote back to her telling her what he thought they should name the baby.

A couple years after Jayden Logan Williams was born, Payton got some surprise visitors at her front door. When she opened the door, there were two Marines standing there. She invited them to come inside, and after they were all sitting down, they broke the news to her.

“Mrs. Williams, we are here to tell you that your husband died yesterday while fighting for our country. I am sorry for your loss. I personally knew him, and he was a great man.” General Brown informed Payton.

“My husband... is… dead?” Payton said with tears rolling down her face.

As Payton looked around the room when she realized that she was at the doctor’s office. Dr. Jones was trying to get her attention.

“Mrs. Williams, did you hear what I just said?” inquired Dr. Jones

“Ugh, something about Chemotherapy?”

“Yes, I think we should start Chemotherapy right away”

When Payton and Jayden got home from the doctor’s office, Jayden went to his room and got out a piece of paper. He was going to write a letter to the “Make a Wish Foundation,” in hope that his last wish would come true.

Dear Make a Wish,

My name is Jayden Logan Williams. I am seven years old, and I live with my mom. Today I found out that I have a lot of brain cancer, and I start treatment tomorrow morning. The doctor said I have one more year to live. For my wish, I want to go to Hawaii with my mom. I want to go there more for my mom. She needs a little joy in her life since my dad died in the service when I was only a couple years old. I would love to see my mom be really happy again.

Thank you,

Jayden Logan Williams

Jayden was going to have his mom mail it for him. Jayden started to think of how he could mail his letter. Maybe I could have Dr. Jones mail it for me. The next day at the doctor’s office, Jayden asked if Dr. Jones would mail his letter.

After they finished his treatment, and Dr. Gavin Jones brought Jayden back to his mother. For the next couple weeks, Jayden kept going in for chemotherapy. He waited and waited for a response to his letter but it was not until five months later that he got a response. He was so excited to see what they had decided. He opened the letter and started to read it.

Dear Jayden,

Upon consulting with all of my partners, we have decided to grant you your wish to go to Hawaii with your mother. We will have to talk to your doctor to work out all the details, but other than that you are going to Hawaii. We hope you have a good time.

Sincerely yours,


Jayden was so excited that he immediately ran to show his mother.

“Mom! Here, read this right now.” Jayden said while he was trying to catch his breath.

“What is it Jayden?” Payton curiously asked.

“It’s a letter and I want you to read.”

“A letter? Who’s it from?”

“Would you just read it already!” Jayden said impatiently

“Okay, okay, I’m reading it.” She flashed him a big smile and she patted his head.

As Payton read the letter, she had this look of disbelief on her face. Payton gave Jayden a hug and sent him off to bed. The next day at his chemotherapy treatment, Jayden told Dr. Gavin Jones that they were going to make his wish come true.

As the weeks passed, Jayden had not gotten any better. It seemed like the therapy was not working. Jayden was gradually getting worse. Just when Jayden was starting to think that he would never get to go to Hawaii with his mom, he got a letter in the mail from “Make a Wish” and inside the envelope were two tickets to Hawaii. Jayden instantly started packing for him and his mom.

A week had passed and Jayden was having his last chemotherapy treatment before they left for Hawaii. As he was finishing up the treatment, he started to have a seizure. Dr. Gavin Jones and other nurses ran into his room and tried to save him by using a difibulator.

“One, two, three clear… again. One, two, three clear… again. One, two, three clear…”

As they all looked at little Jayden lying there on the bed, they were all wondering if they had been in the room would this of happened differently. Would Jayden still be alive? As they looked around the room they all wondered, who was going to tell Mrs. Williams? As their eyes met Dr. Jones’s eyes, they could tell that he was going to be the one who was going to tell her.

“Mrs. Williams,” Dr. Gavin Jones called out into the waiting room, ”I need to talk with you in my office.”

“Where is Jayden? Is he okay?” Payton franticly asked. As they passed Jayden’s room she could see into it and saw that he was just lying on the bed. “Did he die? Did Jayden die?”

“I am sorry to tell you, but yes, Jayden just died.”

“What happened? What went wrong?”

As Dr. Jones was explaining to Payton what had happened, Payton started to murmur something.

“Why me? Why did this have to happen to me? First Logan and now Jayden, haven’t you taken enough from me?” Payton said amongst her crying.

Dr. Jones did not say anything he just kept hugging Payton. The receptionist came and found Dr. Jones and he told her to cancel all his appointments or have the other doctor come in because he was going to be spending time with Mrs. Williams. When the other doctor got to the office, Dr. Jones helped Payton out to his car and took her home. Jayden Logan Williams died on Thursday, December 4, 2014. He took care of her for the next couple days, and he even took her to Hawaii after the funeral because that is what Jayden would have wanted. He would have wanted her to be happy.

About fourteen months later, they got married. Then six months after that Payton found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl. When the baby was born, Payton really wanted to call her Jayden after her brother, but she changed her mind and decided to name her Jaylon.

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Basketball23 said...
Dec. 23, 2011 at 9:20 pm
I'm crying...........that was an amazing piece. It was so sad and emotional, the tears are just running down my cheeks right now........that was an amazing story! I'm so glad you posted this on here.....I think everyone should read this and learn from it. I love this
sherberteater replied...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 10:38 am
Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. I am glad you like it. I have posted another story on here. I do not like it as much. I will be posting another story soon. I am so happy you liked it though.
Basketball23 replied...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 1:26 pm
Yes, I LOVED it!!!!!! I had my mom read it and she cried, too......this is an amazing story
sherberteater replied...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 3:36 pm
Thanks, that means a lot to me. I was not sure what my teacher thought. A couple of my friends told me it reminded them of a Hallmark movie.
Basketball23 replied...
Dec. 29, 2011 at 7:32 pm
Well I know I loved it :D
sherberteater replied...
Dec. 30, 2011 at 7:43 am
thank you so much. I am glad you liked it.
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