In Loving Memory of Katy Green

December 18, 2011
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I’m sitting with my father in his black limo. He’s talking away with Donny, my uncle. Donny carries a long scar down the side of his face. And his jet black hair is slicked back with grease. Daddy is talking in his low, dangerous voice. When he gives such a tone, you know you’re in big trouble.

Donny had double crossed daddy, and he was about to pay for it. Daddy looked at his body guard, Raul, and nodded at him. Raul nodded back and opened the door while our limo was still moving. Raul kept the door open with his expensive-looking shoes and dragged Donnie’s head to the open door. Forcibly, he lowered Donnie’s head to the street and as the car moved, Donnie’s head was dragged along the rough pavement.

Donnie begged for mercy, his arms and legs flailing out in a weak and frantic attempt to get up, but Raul continued to grind Donnie’s head against the road. Daddy snapped his fingers and Raul released Donnie’s head. When Donnie’s head snapped back up, it was bloodied and raw. Most of his hair was missing too.

“I hope you know better than to cross the mafia, Donnie. Next time, your body will be dragged around.“ Daddy said, straightening up and watching uncle Donny squirm against the pain. Finally, the limo stopped. Daddy got out and Raul followed silently, his arms crossed behind his back.

“Ah, Veto! Long time no see!” Buck said, slapping daddy’s back. Daddy brushed Uncle Buck’s hand aside.

“This is a new suit, don’t dirty it up.” Daddy said, giving Buck a cold stare.

Daddy is the head of the mafia. I have so many uncles, and when I was young, before I even joined daddy’s side, I thought all my uncles were his biological brothers. Ha, how stupid. Donnie was a great man to daddy, until he shot a bullet at uncle Half. Uncle Half has half a face, just so you know. He claimed it was an honest mistake, but daddy doesn’t take bull like that. So, he had to lose the crown of his head.

I looked wearily at everyone. They were all suck ups to daddy, buttering him up to be on his “team” or family because that gives you the big money. Daddy, as usual, brushed them aside and Raul cleared a path for daddy to walk into the Hemmington manor.
The Hemmington’s a very expensive family and has a big branch in daddy’s mafia. The Hemmington family controls the money. They pay the families their monthly thousands, depending on how well they did that month, and take in the money given to any family for completing a job (Most of the people who do jobs are people in debt to the mafia. It’s only when a family or different mafia acts up against daddy that the jobs are open). It’s a very busy place.
I followed close behind daddy, being the only girl in the mafia and barely at 16 years old. Dad is very cautious over who talks to me and who doesn’t. It’s surprising I even have a boyfriend.
We entered the mansion which was spacy. I’ve been in here before, so I make my way to the living room, three doors far down the main hallway on the left. I entered the room which was decorated with a few paintings and an odd statue. Above the fireplace, who’s flames lamely flickered, were pictures of the head of the mafia and all my other fathers, my granddad, great granddad, great-great granddad, and so on. My father is already up there, his painting showing him as a creepy man, whose eyes were outlined with dark rings and his scar was more visible.
I sat down on the sofa, my dad sitting beside me and Raul taking daddy’s exposed side. The Hemmingtons were waiting for us, a suitcase beside them. The day went on a usual, daddy lighting a 50 dollar cigar and taking long drags on it, while the Hemmingtons proposed a money saving solution. A couple of times, I was offered the finest wine in the cabinet, but I refused every time.
When the meeting took an end, Daddy stood, took the suitcase, and left. I followed hurriedly, Raul in front silently. When reached the limo, the driver held open the door and daddy stepped in, Raul following and I last. Uncle Buck entered, apparently he had the guts to ask daddy for a promotion.
“Veto,” He began, leaning in close. “I’ve been a good man to you, and I think I need a little, eh, reward. Why don’t you hand me what’s in the suitcase.” Daddy looked at Uncle Buck strangely, and opened the suitcase. Was he really going to give him the money?
Daddy looked briefly into the contents and produced a gun. “You know, Buck, I hate suck-ups, and you aren’t exactly helping.” He loaded the gun with the bullets inside the case and aimed it at him. “You don’t want to be the first one to taste gold lead, now do you?” He cocked the gun. Uncle Buck left the car in a hurry and shut the door.
We drove silently, daddy playing with the bullets. Before I knew it, we were in front of our house. Daddy grunted at me, and I understood what he meant. I left the limo and looked back. “Love you, daddy.” I said.
“Love you too, pumpkin.” He said, lighting up another 50 dollar cigar. The limo drove off and I walked up the steps to our little slice of paradise. I entered silently and opened my phone. I had about three new texts, one from Jowee, my boyfriend, one from Katie, my best friend, and one from Raul. Curiously, I opened the one from Raul.
You dad and I are going to finish a little job. Kelly’s family made a grave mistake. Be back soon.
I looked at the text. When did he manage to do this? If he did it in the meeting, daddy would be angry at him. I didn’t see him do it in the limo, so he must have done it after I left. I deleted the message and looked at the one by Katie.
Having’ so much fun with the parents. Just kidding, they are so lame!
I smiled at the text, and wrote back how lame her parents are. Hey, were teens and she hates her parents. It makes sense. Finally, it was Jowee’s text. I opened it, looking at the words. He always used text language, and I hated that. I read it slowly.
Missing you, baby! Hope to see you soon!
Aw, how sweet. I wrote back how much I missed him. Heck I added that he could come over now until daddy gets back. I sent the text and sat down on the sofa, turning on the flat screen. Before I knew it, Jowee had replied. I opened my phone.
It’s a date, baby.
I smiled happily and put my phone down and watched the news dully. New murder stories, missing people, being found, and sap stores. I shut off the TV and got up, leaving the phone on the coffee table.
Just as I stood, the doorbell rang its usual song, the Godfather theme song. Ha, how ironic. I answered the door to see Jowee there. He held me in a hug, wrapping his arms around my back. I smiled and hugged back.
“You know you’re only here until daddy comes back, right?”
“He still doesn’t like me?” Jowee retorted, smiling. “You got one heck of a father, baby.” He kissed me quickly and sat on the couch. I followed and sat beside him. We spent the next hour talking and kissing. Daddy would have our tails if he knew we were kissing. He caught us once and I nearly got it. Jowee was banned from coming over for a month. Though, he never said I couldn’t go over to his house. I love playing on words.
During the middle of a kiss, daddy entered the house and the smell of smoke and nicotine wafted around. Jowee pulled away. “Hello, sir.” He said shakily. He knew my father was powerful, but not a mafia boss. Daddy glanced at Jowee. He never liked us alone together, and when he was here, daddy made sure he was in the same room as us, watching like a hawk, waiting for an excuse to throw Jowee out.
Daddy grunted angrily at Jowee, and sat in the lazy boy in front of us. He watched closely, again, waiting for an excuse. Raul looked at daddy.
“Veto, sir, didn’t you need Paige here for work?” he said, looking over daddy closely. Daddy didn’t part his gaze, making Jowee shift uncomfortably.
“Yes, I do. Paige, get up and get dressed. I’ll need you.” He hissed. Dang, daddy was in an irritated mood. And Jowee wasn’t helping.
“I guess I’ll be leaving…” Jowee said, standing up and darting out the door. He couldn’t get out of here fast enough. I stood and climbed up the stairs. This was my first job for daddy. I’ve done little jobs for the weaker families, digging body holed, stuffing bodies in trunks, and once helped burned down a house. Never have I ever worked for daddy, only accompanied him.
I dressed quickly and descended the stairs where daddy and Raul waited. Daddy hurriedly left home to the limo, Raul stepping in his wake. I followed quietly and sat in the limo. Before I shut the door, the limo was in move. I looked at daddy.
“What job is it, daddy?” I asked, looking at him. He looked back. “An employee pulled the final straw today, and we need to punish him with death.” I looked at him.
“So I have to kill him?” I said, wide eyed. Daddy scoffed.
“Not exactly, pumpkin.” I stared at him, curious, but he wouldn’t say anymore. We rode in silence, Raul taking a few calls to other families, being brief.
“You ready? Everyone there? Got the gun?” He said three times in a row to three different types of families. Whatever this job was, it was big, and I was playing a part in it. I didn’t know whether to be excited or worried.
We started to slow down at a familiar house. It was painted a dull yellow with stone porches and a few rosemary bushes. The car stopped and the door opened. Raul left the car and knocked on the door. After a minuet, with no answer, he kicked the door open and disappeared in it. There were screams and swearing, before Raul came out with a young woman, whose face was covered in a sack. Raul shoved the girl in the car and stepped in, closing the door. The limo began to drive and daddy removed the sack.
Katie, my dear friend was squirming under the sack and when it was removed, she screamed. She jerked away from daddy, her eyes wild. I gasped at her, my mind running a mile an hour.
What was she doing in here? Why her? I thought we were punishing the man, not her! My mind ran faster, watching my friend stare at daddy, who took a long drag and blew the smoke on her face. She flinched and coughed, not use to the smoke entering her lungs.
“K-Katie,” I said, watching my best friend jerk her head franticly at me. “What are you doing here?”
Katie glared at me. “What are YOU doing here?” She yelled, letting a scream emit from her throat. Daddy glared at her.
“You know my baby girl?” He growled. Katie looked scared at him.
“Yes, she’s my friend! Best friend to be exact!”
“Well, this is one heck of a day, Katie.” He said, blowing smoke on her face. Katie coughed and withered away from him.
“What’s happening?” She said, her eyes tearing up from either the smoke or the shock. Daddy snickered.
“Your father works for me and he crossed me. We need to punish him with the loss of someone. And that someone is his daughter, young Katie Green.” Suddenly, it hit me. I screamed.
“Daddy, no! She’s my best friend! I can’t kill her!” I yelled, my hands hugging Katie close. Daddy would have no part of this and handed me the gun.
“When we arrive at the spot, you WILL shoot her! I will not have a daughter who will not take on the family business in her wake. Do you understand me?” He glared evilly at me. Katie looked up at me, wanting me to deny my father’s wish.
I looked between them and sighed, the limo coming to a halt. “Yes, father.” I whispered, Katie screamed and jerked away from me.
Daddy smiled and opened the car door, leaving. Raul grabbed Katie and dragged the screaming girl to a tree. He put the sack back on her head and threw her against the tree. I flinched from the roughness he was treating her with. She sat near the tree , her back against it, crying.
“Y-y-you no good“ She began, letting the swear words fly. She screamed them at the top of her lungs until her throat became horse and she resorted to crying. Daddy took out the gun and the new gold bullets. He loaded and cocked the gun for me and placed it in my hands. I looked at it, scared. I shifted my gaze to daddy, who nodded.
I aimed the gun at Katie, who couldn’t see anything. My hand shook, the pain forming in my throat as a big lump I couldn’t swallow. I closed my eyes, and whispered a goodbye. I opened my eyes, aimed at the sack and fired.
A horrible sound emitted from the gun, a boom, and the bullet soared into Katie’s skull, killing her instantly. I dropped the gun. I was now a killer, a fiend, a villain, a person of the mafia.

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