The Angel of Edified Avenue

December 7, 2011
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The wealthiest and most educated people lived in Edified Avenue, it was an avenue of perfection and calibre. Edified Avenue consisted of ten gargantuan mansions. Five mansions on each side of the avenue, making them parallel. Each mansion had splendid architecture and the most costly and fine furniture there is. Chairs from France, Bosendorfer piano's, Vividus mattresses from Sweden, Victorian china, and so much more. Each mansion was inhabited by a family that had many ties. The families were only allowed to reproduce or have any form of intimate relation with a person of the opposite sex that bore the same patronymic name as them. This may sound as if there were many a quarrel over matters such as “love”, but no, each and every single being in this avenue completely agreed with such terms, as unusual as it may be.
In Edified Avenue, the sun was always spreading its tender and warm arms over the cheery children running around. The trees were always aquiver with pleasure when the sparrows fluttered through them joyously with there soft voices undulating through the air. Truly, it was a marvellous place where no harm, jealousy, or even a sparkle of evil lingered.
Of the many children this avenue bore, one child in particular was the “idol”. Her name was Gabriela and she was nine years old. She was bestowed with a beauty like none other. Pale skin, azure eyes, hair the colour of the warm sun, and an incomparable wonderful figure. She spoke eleven languages fluently and very eloquently when persuading, she was the artistic inspiration for many, she mastered five instruments and knew music theory and composition, she had conducted many skilful orchestras and so much more. Her heart was as pure as gold and never would she commit a wrongful act in any possible manner. She was the most intellectual being ever known to the people of Edified Avenue and none other could compare to her beautiful idiosyncrasy. Everyone simply loved Gabriela, they even noticed and love the most unnoticeable aspects about her such as the adorable grin she always had laying on her face.
It was 6:00 am and Gabriela was ready for her Saturday horse-riding ballad with her friend Julie.
They met at the stables, saddled their horses and rode the green fields with the up-most pleasure for hours. They then returned the horses to the stables and Gabriela and Julie quarrelled over the biology of the horse with joy. When done they said their farewells and parted.
Gabriela walked through the towering doors of her families mansion and had her maid awaiting her a few paces away. The maid removed Gabriela's coat without a glance to the eyes and said “please my lady, direct yourself to the living room. An unknown friend left a present there.”
Gabriela's grin widened when she heard such pleasant news and ran with joy to the living room. Although Gabriella frequently found presents and gifts from friends and family, she always seemed to be exited with that wide grin you always find laying on her face . Upon arriving there, on the huge table at the centre of the room, there was a gigantic pink cake that stood tall with cherry on top. It was bedecked with icing taking many forms such as princess's, crowns, cello's and so on. Gabriela walked toward the cake with the immobile grin on her face. Besides the cake lay a blade. She gazed at the blade in a memorizing manner. Her eyes began to twitch and her grin began to seem flawed, no longer beautifully adorable. She attentively scrutinized blades details, the sweet promiscuous curves, the clear glistening reflection, and the keen edge smiling provocatively at Gabriela. Her eyes continued to twitch and her usual grin seemed to transform into a spasm of utter madness. Her nosed curled up like a cat and all of a sudden her body began to tremble and from time to time a spasm would shoot through her like electricity causing her to budge. Suddenly, an unexpected shriek echoed through the vast halls of the mansion. The maid went running furiously toward the living room and transfixed her body to the ground like the roots of a tree and gazed horrendously at Gabriela. Her bosom was ripped open with a gush of of blood flowing out of her like a river and the sides of her mouth were slit open in perfection that it almost seemed as if she were grinning.

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