The Winning Point

December 7, 2011
By Nicole-Leigh SILVER, Lawrencebrug, Indiana
Nicole-Leigh SILVER, Lawrencebrug, Indiana
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Ella: A fifteen year old girl who's on her high school's soccer team.

Elise: Ella's best friend who is also on the soccer team. She has a lot of anxiety for the littlest of things and worries about everything..

Laura: A friend of both Elise and Ella who is not on the soccer team, but more for academics.

Gracelyn: The good-girl, know-it-all, friend, who is on the volleyball team.

Iris: Another best friend of the other four girls who is on the volleyball team.

The Winning Point.

Setting: Ella's room getting ready for their interview for a job at the local movie theater as a counter girl.

Elise: Ella, come on! We're going to be late!

Ella: Elise, hold on. I'm almost done! If we leave now, we're going to be twenty minutes early, and if they know we showed up like super early, they're going to think we''re....desperate! Duh!

Elise: ....we'll drive slow....?

Ella: Elise, no. Give me five more minutes. I'm almost done!

Elise: The earlier we are, the more we look like we want the job... AND! It'll make us look more responsible. They'll like us more if we're on time. El, I really want this job. If we get it, everybody will know. EVERYBODY.

Ella: Your dreams make me laugh

Elise:HEY! If you can dream about making varsity your freshman year, then I can dream about getting this...wonderful....awesome....perfect....job.

Ella: whatever.

Ella's Mom: Girls, lets go! If you don't hurry up, were never going to make it! There's a lot of traffic today, so...

Ella: “Mom, We're coming! Two more minutes!

Ella's Mom: Let's go!

(Both girls fun down the stairs into the kitchen)

Ella's Mom: Girls nervous?

Elise: Me? Ha. Please! I could get this job with my eyes closed

Ella: (in whisper tone to mom) Deep down inside, she's freaking out even more on the outside.
(Elise begins to shake and start to panic. Ella and her mom look at Elise and begin to worry)

Ella's Mom: (in whisper tone to Ella) Are we going to have to carry her to the car...or will she be able to get there herself...?

Ella: (in whisper back to her mom) Maybe we could just guide her to the car...?

Ella's Mom: Good idea.

Ella: Elise, we're ready to go now. Are you ready?

Elise: ....what if I don't get the job? What if you get the job and I don't!?

Ella: Elise, you're going to be fine. They'll like you. I'm sure of it.

Ella's Mom: Girls, we need to go. If we don't leave now, we're going to be late. Now lets go!

Elise: Ella, if you get the job and I don't, keep it. You deserve it. I'll be able to find another one.

Ella: Stop. You're getting the job. Mom, help.


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