My Life (For Real?) Yup!

December 12, 2011
By , farmington, NM
Never would you believe what happens behind close doors at my house if your to see what I look and act like at school. My life isn’t as perfect as some of my school mates think. People think that I have the perfect life even my brother even thinks that and he sees most of the things that happen to me! I don’t know how he can handle the pressure. What I mean by the that is the pressure of high school, and grades, and trying to be perfect for my parents because they expect me to make no mistakes.

Two weeks ago my mom broke our living room lamp and I stole a sharp piece of broken glass when she wasn’t looking and ran to my room to hide it. I looked frantically all over my room worrying about my brother coming up stairs and seeing me with the piece of glass and telling mom. I mean I was already in hot water with her. It seems since last month thats all I’ve been in. The month before this one we were bonding and having mother and daughter fun. Now we were at each others throats practically everyday. I decided to hide It in one if the many purses that hang from the head board that is way to girly for my liking. But I ran to the black and brown one that looks like a camera case and shoved the piece of glass in it and closed the latch. I turned around and ran to my closet and threw myself at the clothes on the floor and hearing my mom coming up the stairs I knew that I did the right thing. She came in and opened my closet door and looked at me picking up the clothes and left.

I breathed a sigh of relief I grabbed the piece of glass for what reason I did not know then but now two weeks later I now know…

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meowers5 said...
Dec. 18, 2011 at 5:21 pm
um...this is a bit confusing but if you work on it, it will be better!!
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