Will I survive

November 30, 2011
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We heard that the world was going to end in one month from this guy that was screaming on a street corner. Most people just laughed at him; well I’m not like most people, I listened to the crazy man for about an hour. I decided that if I was going to survive I was going to have to make a bunker that would be able withstand whatever came its way. I just decided that I was going to build this creation under my house. My brother Eric works for the government; so I asked him for the plans to the indestructible cement. Eric was concerned, I told him that he did not have to be concerned, didn't’t tell him about what the man said because if I did he would not get it for me. I just told him that the house had been damaged with the last storm. The last big storm that we had was this snow storm that knocked out the power for like twelve days. He remembered how scared I was so he gave me a formula to produce the cement.

I really do love my brother, and I am so happy that he gave me that formula because if he didn’t, I don’t know if we would still be alive today. Well I started to work on the cement right away. It took me two days to get the materials that I needed. I had to buy tons of cement mix, water hoses, wood, glue, and molding gel.
I started by shoveling out some of the dirt under my house. I worked in the back of the house, so none of my neighbors would see me; didn't’t want them thinking that I was weird or anything like that. It took my thirteen days to get the dirt out of my house. When I took out one section of the dirt I had to go right back to that place with the cement, so my house wouldn’t collapse right on top of me. That was one of the reason it took me so long, the other reason was that I had to go to work. I work in a bank so I figured that since all my costumers had one month to live, they wouldn’t see their money missing. So every day I would take out hundreds of dollars out of their accounts and turn it to cash and buy supplies for myself. I guess I am sort of like Bernie Madoff, well no one would ever find out what I had done.
I started to buy the supplies that I needed every night, but I wouldn’t go to the same store every night. Where I live there are ten different grocery stores near where I lived, so I was able to buy all the supplies that I needed. I got a million or more bottles of water, tons of food, blankets, a water purifier, and stuff to clean myself with, and baby stuff. This was a lot of stuff; I never thought that it would take so much to survive the end of the world. Now I know why that man was crazy.
On December 20th I invited my brother, my boyfriend, and three other boys and girls that I knew would get along over to my house. We had dinner afterwards we were all laughing, and talking about the future. That reminded me of why I brought them all over to my house that night, I brought them down to the new edition to my house and showed it to them.
I made it so that only I could get us out. They said that they liked it, they started to head back to the main level of my house, but they realized that they couldn’t get out. I had shut the cement bunker door. My brother started out asking me in a calm voice to let us out of this room. I told him that we could not get out of the room until December 23; my brother looked at me with that concerned look on his face. He was really scared, the other people were started to hyperventilate. I told them not to be scared because we were going to be safe.
My brother had walked all around the room trying to find a way out. I looked at him with really disappointed look on my face. I was sensing that he was angry, I told him that he should just go sit down in his bedroom, we were going to be here a while. My brother stopped, looked at me, and just shook his head.
I lead all of them to their rooms. I made their rooms by remembering everything that they liked. All of the girls were scared to death, until they saw their rooms, they loved them. Then the guys got to their rooms, everyone liked there room except my brother. He was like a lion stalking his prey, and that prey was me. He was really upset with me. He said that he had to go to work tomorrow; I told him I had everything under control. He looked at me; you could see the anger and disbelief in his eyes. I told him how I had programmed a machine to call everyone’s bosses and tell them that they were sick, and that they would not be able to go into work for the next couple of days.
Everyone just needed to calm down, this wasn’t really a bad thing. We had all the water we need, we had electricity; we had everything we needed. We all went to bed for the night. The next morning I had woken up at six thirty, I had to make everyone breakfast. Everyone got over what had happen to them, nut my brother. This was going to be a problem; I know this because when we were younger if there was something that he didn’t like, he didn’t want anything to do with it.
When my mom had divorced my father, Erin wanted nothing to do with my mother’s new boyfriend. I liked the guy; he was very nice to me. My brother wanted to keep a close eye on him, it turns out that my mother’s boyfriend was only seeing her so that he could get all of her money. When my brother first told my mother that the guy was only seeing her because she was rich, my mother just laughed at him, saying that he has a great imagination. Well one day we came home to find that my mother’s boyfriend had packed up his things and left. My mother would not stop crying, I felt so bad for her, but Erin on the other hand said she got what was coming to her.
Ever since that incident, Erin has not talked to my mother. He had dad make it so that he would not have to go visit mother when I did. Erin was upset with mother. A while after Erin stopped coming to see her; she just gave up all of her custody right, and never saw us again. Sometimes she would send us letters; I would rip mine open, just so I could see what she had to say. She always told me that she loved me, and that she missed me so much. Erin would not open up his letters from our mother. He would just take it out of my fathers had and through it in the trash can when my dad wasn’t looking. I would go behind him and take it out, my mother always sent him money, so I would read his letters, and stash the money in my big jug. By the end of the year, I had five hundred dollars. My father wanted to know where I got the money from, I would say mother sent it to me; he would look at me and just shake his head and walk away. I think my mother finally learned that money can’t buy love, because she stopped sending money in the letters; she finally just started writing letters to me.
Well back to our dilemma, Erin would not look at me. So I decided that I would show them my plan. I took out my laptop and my projector, and called everyone into the living room. Everyone sat down in the spots that I had put their names on; I did this for a specific reason. I noticed that Erin’s seat was empty, so I looked all over the room till I found him standing in the back of the room. I kind of smiled, at least he was here I thought to myself.
I started the power point and everyone went quite and started to pay attention. After I finished my presentation I asked if anyone had any questions. They were all in shock. The girls were really scared, I think that they were starting to get claustrophobic; the guys were like whatever and walked out of the room.
didn't’t have any contact with them for the rest of the day; I let the whole thing settle in. That night, the world for everyone else ended. We felt the ground shake, and heard all the other people in the world scream, and slowly there screams could not be heard.
The next morning the hatch opened we all walked outside and saw what was left of our world. There was a huge crack in the road, every building had come crashing down, we did not recognize this place. We were all in shock, I was happy that we had all survived, we are the only people left on this planet, or are we.

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