Moving On

December 8, 2011
By Lizzilla94 BRONZE, Hereford, Arizona
Lizzilla94 BRONZE, Hereford, Arizona
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Darkness surrounded me. All I heard was the yelling, screaming of someone in pain, but it wasn't me. I was in pain. Trust me. But I wasn't screaming I was silently slipping away into the darkness. Silence in the hysteria that surrounded me.

“Kassie? Kassie?” Is all I heard as my eyes fluttered open in a bright white room where there was a woman dressed in scrubs standing next to me, “Hello Kassie. My name is Dr. Montgomery,” she spoke again her voice grave.
“Where’s my mom?” I asked the doctor as I sat up slowly.
“Kassie. You were in an accident. You were hit dead on by an intoxicated driver,” The Doctor Montgomery’s face dropped as she told me this…I knew what was coming but I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t let it be true.
“Where's my mom! I want my mom! My dad! Where's Sean!” I heard myself scream loudly as I tried to climb out of bed.
“Kassie. I'm so sorry to tell you this,” then it hit me, my family was gone. I was a seventeen year old orphan.
“No! No! I'm only seventeen! I need my mom! I need my mom! Just go get my mom!” I was shaking tears were running down my face as I faded from reality. Into the darkness. The silence. As I yearned for the hysteria.

When I walked into my house slowly I couldn’t help but feel that the place I was raised in was the most foreign place I had ever been. It had been so long since I had set foot in the house and it was silent. Empty.
“Kas!” my best friend Danny yelled as she barreled down the front staircase and threw her arms around me in a tight hug as she hit the landing.
“What are you doing here?” I asked as she let me go.
“I came to make sure you were okay,” she stated self-consciously
“I’m fine,” I answered stepping away from Danny, “So you can leave now.”
“Kas. You can't stay here alone.”
“Dan I just lost my entire family, I’m always going to be alone,” I snapped, “I’ve been in and out of the hospital for four months. People have been surrounding me acting like they know exactly what is going on in my life. No one does, so stop trying to help because you can’t.”
“Okay then go upstairs and go to sleep,” Danny sounded like she was challenging me but as I tried to climb the stairs I couldn’t get my feet to lift from the landing, “I'll fix up the hideaway bed.”
“Danny you don't,” I started to object but Danny just held her hand up.
“I'm already doing it. Go clean up. Ill bring you some clean clothes,” She hugged me tightly again, “You just gotta relax.”
I thanked Danny walking over to the good bathroom and closed the door behind me and turning to see that it had been cleaned out entirely. Danny or someone had taken all of my family’s belongings and had most likely thrown it all out and replaced it with full bottles of generic body wash and hair products which pushed me over the edge as I began throwing everything around the bathroom yelling as Danny rushed in and grabbed me pulling me to the floor. As I sobbed into her shoulder.

It had been three weeks since I had come home and started school again, when I finally started feeling more like myself. This of course would be the time my car broke down.
“Oh come on!” I groaned as I heard a tapping on my window.
“You okay in there?” the man asked as I turned to face him tears forming in my eyes.
“Yeah I’m fine. My day is just having a horrible start,” I whined slamming my forehead onto my steering wheel, “And I have no other way of getting to school.”
“You going to the high school?” he asked as he opened my door for me, “If you need a ride I could give you one.”
“You a student there?” I asked climbing out and grabbing my bag from the passenger seat.
“Music teacher,” he led me to his car across the street, “shouldn’t you be telling someone in there that you’re getting a ride?” Teacher? He couldn’t have been older than 22 years old at the very most.
“There is no one in there,” I stated looking down slightly, “So music teacher huh?”
“Yeah today’s my first day.” He laughed slightly, “My first real job actually.”
“You’ll do fine,” I told him as he began to drive, “Trust me. You aren’t the most exciting thing in this school.

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