Forever Numb

December 6, 2011
By Lee Anne Kates BRONZE, Bridgeton, New Jersey
Lee Anne Kates BRONZE, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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It was an ordinary night; Lily and her boyfriend were going out to the movies for the night. They decided to watch Paranormal Activity 3. Lily was so excited. She wanted to see it for weeks now. Her boyfriend Josh wasn’t too thrilled about it. He was actually scared to death to see it. But since he loved Lily with all his heart, he decided to go just for her. An hour into the movie, Lily got a phone call that she would’ve never expected to receive.

“I have to take this. I’ll be right back” Lily said as she got up and disappeared out of the theatre and into the hall.

“Hello” she said into the phone.

“Hi is this Lily Prescott?” the woman asked. Lily was a little nervous to see why this woman called her. She never recognized her voice before and never seen that number pop up on her phone.

“Yes this is her, may I ask whose calling?” Lily asked.

“Lily, this one of the secretaries from St. Mary’s hospital. I called to inform you that your mother was in a car accident this morning and she passed away a few hours ago. We did all that we could to save her but it was too late. I’m sorry for your loss.” The woman replied and then hung up shortly afterwards. Lily went numb. She couldn’t feel anything. She couldn’t move any parts on her body. Her phone was slowly slipping through her fingers and her whole body just collapsed. About 10 minutes later, Josh went out into the hall to check up on Lily. As soon as he stepped out of the theatre, he collapsed next to her body and was frantically shaking her by the shoulders.

“Lily! C’mon wake up! I’m not playing around!”Josh screamed frantically. People were staring at him like he was crazy. He picked Lily up bridal style and rushed out of the movie theatre. He laid her down in the back of his car and drove to the hospital as quickly as possible. About 20 minutes later, Josh arrived at the hospital. He picked up Lily once again and ran into the ER room.

“Excuse me miss, but you need to help my girlfriend. She collapsed and I don’t know what to do! You have to help me!” he screamed into the secretary’s ear.

“Oh my, yes we’ll help your girlfriend as soon as we can.” The secretary replied. She got up out of her chair and ran to one of the nurses to get a stretcher out for Lily. As they approached Josh and Lily, they picked up her body and placed her on the stretcher. They escorted her into a room. The nurses asked Josh to step out of the room so they could take procedures on Lily. A couple of hours later, a nurse came into the waiting room where Josh was sitting and took a seat next to him.

“Josh, I just wanted to tell you that Lily is going to be okay. She has a few bruises on the back of her neck from where she fell. But nothing to serious. She was just knocked out for a couple of hours. And she asked to see you as well” the nurse said as he got up from out of his chair and went to go lead Josh to Lily’s room. As they approached the room, the nurse signaled Josh into the room and Josh sat on the edge of Lily’s bed and held her hand.

“Lily, how you feeling babe?” he asked her. She sighed.

“I’ve been better. I just can’t believe what happened to my mom…”

“What happened to your mom?” Josh asked her as he scooted a little closer to her and gripped her hand a bit tighter. Her eyes started to tear up and was trying her hardest not to let it all out.

“She was in a car accident early this morning. She died a couple of hours later after her accident. The sad part is….I didn’t even get to say goodbye.” She was trying her best to keep her composure and she looked into Josh’s eyes.

“Lily…I’m so sorry. What are you going to do? Who are you going to live with? You’re not allowed to live with your father.” He said as he pulled her into his arms and stroked her hair.

“I don’t know. I might have to end up living with you, Josh, if your parents don’t mind?”

“Lily, they love you I don’t think they would mind at all. Just nothing physical.” He said with a bit of a chuckle. Lily just smiled and couldn’t help but just hold onto Josh tighter.

“Alright, I’ll live with you then.” She said as she picked her head up and leaned in to kiss him. It seems like it’s been forever since she’s kissed him when it’s only been not even a day.

“Well babe, I have to get home. You know, let my parents in on what happened today and I’ll talk to them about you coming to live with us. But I’ll come back tomorrow and hopefully I can sign you out for early release.” He said as he got up from the edge of the bed and walked towards the door. He turned around and blew Lily a kiss and she caught it. And with that he walked out the door and hoping to see his Lily tomorrow.

As days passed by, Lily got used to living with her beloved boyfriend. She also misses the fact that she could never call or see her mom let her know how her and Josh are doing. A couple of months later Lily heard from her dad and he was there to support her as much as she needed since her mother wasn’t around. Even if things seemed like back to normal, Lily will always be forever numb.

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