Fear, Peace, Sadness

December 3, 2011
By Erin0205 BRONZE, San Antonio De Escazú, Other
Erin0205 BRONZE, San Antonio De Escazú, Other
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The sprinkling rain quickly turned into a raging thunderstorm. My face and body feel as if I was stuck in a freezer so long that I’m was numb. Although, I can still feel things like the dampness of the earth, and the delicate, smooth and light purple lilacs in front of the tombstones. A tear streaks down my face like a curvy river that lands right in my mouth. An explosion of salt is what I’ve discovered is the taste of my own tears. The smell of grass, soil, trees, tombstones and that freshness of water from the rain fill my nostrils. It is so quiet I can hear crickets, rainfall, my breathing and the sound of my own heart beat. I see the drops of rain, moist green grass, and the grey tombstones, but most importantly I see a purple lilac. Purple lilacs... the flower that shows forgiveness. I needed to be forgiven, but what I did was unforgivable… for I was the cause of my brother’s death.

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