If Only I Knew

November 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I woke up this morning to the sound of someone knocking at our front door. I groaned and looked at my alarm clock. 8 AM on a Saturday? Who could possibly be visiting? Groggily, I trudged downstairs and opened the door. Huh? A small brown package lay on our doorsteps. Confused, I brought the package up to my room. My parents were asleep, and I was glad. For some reason, I thought the package was special; for my eyes only. It was totally blank, save for the words TO:Will written in the corner. After opening it up, I found a letter and a blood-stained tee-shirt. Now I was really confused. Hesitantly, I picked up the letter and began to read.

Dear Will,

I hope this letter reaches you in good hands. As you read this letter, I am taking a walk. My final walk. I don’t know if you really know me too well. Bailey? The fairly new girl..curly brown hair? Yeah, now you recognize me ,huh? Anyway, I’ve sent you a blood-stained ,purple tee-shirt. Size Medium? Yes, it’s mine. You probably remember it. The blood was caused by you and your buddies ganging up on me and beating me up. I recall your fist going clean through my stomach; you’ll find a lot of blood there.

In case you don’t remember, you all beat me up because my clothes weren’t too stylish. No brand names or anything- and you all had brand names.. I remember walking into my new school and thinking “Wow, these kids must live at Abercrombie and Coach…Juicy,Hollister…they’re all so in-style!” But, still, I sure did take beating.. I geuss you guys just wanted to pick on the new girl, make her hate herself. All I can say is, it worked.

Thanks to you, I’ve never forgotten my first day at Ridgedale High. I wish I had more positive memories. All I remember is getting the living daylight knocked out of me and being taunted mercilessly by a couple of jerks I didn’t know. People who saw the incident continued to make fun of me.
If only you knew that back at my school I was super popular and loved. Then my dad got murdered by a gang and we had to move here. If only you knew how much I needed a friend. People made mean blogs and forums about me and taunted me daily.
Well, I am about go join my father way up there. After I drop this at your place, I'm going to jump off the bridge. Sorry, but that's the way ithas to be. I just can't take the pain any longer. Tell my mom I loved her, would ya?

Have a nice life without me,
Bailey W.

OH NO! I quickly got dressed and raced to the bridge. I looked over the edge just in time to see and hear a sickening splash.
As I let the tears roll down my face I though: ....If only I knew.

The author's comments:
The book, 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher, was my inspiration. Also, I wanted to give readers an idea about how one action can lead to so much more.

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