I Want What They Have

November 28, 2011
By 2beforgoten GOLD, Maylene, Alabama
2beforgoten GOLD, Maylene, Alabama
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You know all the stories you see on tv about love and other things? It all seems to so easy no matter how hard the writers try to make it  look hard. You wanna know what goes through my mind when ever I see those things? I want that. I want what they have. I want love be that easy for me too. Then I look around at all these beautiful people and its like they are in a movie too. They get every thing they want with a snap of there fingers. I want that. I want that perfect boy that actually like me and is not just playing with me. Everyone tells me it that it takes time and "you're young". You ask me what goes on in my mind when they utter those few simple words to me. Well you're only young once and I want to be young and I want it to be easy for me to be young. I might be like a child by saying I want this and I want that. But who doesn't want that... You say who doesn't what to be happy like that? Who doesn't want someone to make them happy like that? You know what? I had someone like that for about two weeks... Best two weeks of my life. But it wasn't easy or I wasn't easy for him. He's happy now with his new girlfriend and now I want what he has. Maybe I want him to be easy for me or maybe I just want what they have, what they all have.

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