The Story of the Crane

November 28, 2011
By Bryced-Out BRONZE, Grand Junction, Michigan
Bryced-Out BRONZE, Grand Junction, Michigan
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Flying potatoes of Death!!

Whoosh! Rattle! Shake! You wake up on a plane hurdling towards the ground with a paper crane on your hand and the pilots saying, “Don’t panic, everybody, the only thing that is happening is that the plane is in a tailspin going towards the ground at approximately the speed of sound. Repeat: you all will be okay, the only thing that is happening is that the plane is in a tailspin going towards the ground at approximately the speed of sound.”

“Oh, no!” You think out loud, “The pilots are morons and don’t know what there talking about at all! I better check to make sure that nothing is wrong with the pilots.” You walk into the cockpit and see a note that says, “Dear Passengers, we are the only ones with parachutes. Instead of being brave and saving the children and women first, we will jump out and save ourselves.” Upon reading this note, you say some things that if you were at school, you would be suspended, easily!!!

For whatever reason, you forget about the paper crane in your hand. You decide that he should be like his animal that he is based off of and throw him out the emergency hatch labeled: EMERGENCY HATCH, DO NOT USE UNLESS PILOT AND YOU ARE A BIG CHICKEN! You throw your crane out of the hatch and weep a single tear, for this may be this last time you see him… You walk back to the seats and remember that your grandfather gave you that for your birthday four years ago today.

You sit down and prepare for the worst yet to come, which I really don’t need to explain. Suddenly, instead of seeing clouds roaring past, the plane slows and lands in a field. No one, including you knows what happened to the plane. All the other passengers start going to their cars, which are mysteriously in this same exact field! However, you decide to check on the other side of the plane. Suddenly, you see it, something big, shocking, surprising, and a bunch of other words to describe this that I don’t know yet!

Probably, right about know you’re like what the heck? You can’t leave it end like this, it just got to the good part! In response to this, I say, this whole story was good! Shame on you! And P.S. I am going to continue in about 2 sentences. So, ha, ha, ha! You see it, your paper crane! The one your grandfather built! Suddenly, it says, “Hello, nice to see you again, my name is Mikado! You see I was made out of enchanted paper forged from the fires of that one mountain on Lord Of The Rings. Now let’s go to some enchanted place that would be called Narnia, but that would be copyright, and I would be sued, so I call it Enchanted Land!

The following time in Enchanted Land would take an extreme amount of time, paper, and avoiding lawsuits, so I’ll skip it! Ha, ha! You come back to the real world and no time has passed. You ask, “ Is there anything I can do for you?’

The crane only says, “Protect me.”

You wake up in your own room. You look at your nightstand and see your crane, sitting there, looking at you, and guarding you. You just smile a big grin and laugh to yourself.

The author's comments:
This was an assainment I had to do for my Teacher. This is a comedy, so I suggest putting on a diaper!

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This article has 3 comments.

Bryced-Out said...
on Dec. 15 2011 at 9:55 am
Thanks for the comment. Thank you.

Story Reader said...
on Dec. 15 2011 at 9:53 am
that was a very funny story.

Monkey face said...
on Dec. 15 2011 at 9:44 am
This was hilarious, I can't beleive that your teacher even accepted this! Ha, ha, funny!


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