November 17, 2011
By , Guachipelin, Escazu, CA
The sun was shining outside. Today seemed like a perfect day to have a picnic at the park, but this wasn’t how I planned to spend my day. It was the day where I had to convince my parents to let me learn how to drive.
I tried to reason and beg with my parents during lunch. I told them that I understood that they didn’t want me to learn how to drive during school days. They thought that my grade would drop, but it was summer vacation, and I had time for everything, including learning how to drive. I really, really wanted to learn how to drive.
“I think is a good idea,” I told my parents.
“You learning how to drive and getting your restricted license is not a good idea. You are too young,” replied my father impatiently.
“But I am 14 years old and by the end of the year, I will be fifteen, old enough to have a license.”
Mom and dad finished eating and walked to the kitchen. Mom began washing the dishes, while dad looked in the fridge as if he was still hungry. None of them were looking at me.
“Don’t you want to enjoy your summer with your friends?” said mom, still washing the dishes.
“No, summer is a perfect time for to learn how to drive. If I waited until the fall, I will be too busy with school,” I said first looking at dad, and then turned to mom. Both of them didn’t bother to make eye contact.
Charlie walked into the kitchen and said, “I am sure that would make her friends very happy, mom!” as if he had been listening to the whole conversation.
“Be nice,” replied mom while turning off the running water. She turned around and faced me for the first time in the entire conversation and continued, “Nina, do you even have someone to teach you?”
“No, but Charlie and Mia could,” I said looking at Charlie and then back at mom.
“Nina, Charlie is busy, he is in college and you know your sister won’t teach you either. She spends all of her time with her boyfriend,” said mom while she dried the dishes with a pink cloth.
I didn’t reply. My eyes were watery, and I was disappointed. I ran toward the hallway that leads to the stairs and into my room. So, nobody wants to teach me how to drive. That is ridiculous! I am going to go find someone myself! I heard a knock on my wooden door. It was Mia, maybe I can convince my sister easier than I can convince my mom.

I let her in. She walked in and sat on my bed. She looked around as if she was looking for something. She had an expression on her face that told me my room was messy. I had a pile of books, a box of markers, some pencils, highlighters out lying on the desk, and a bunch of papers that covered my laptop. She pulled me over to sit right next to her on my bed and began to talk.
“Nina, driving is not always fun, look at me. When Charlie is always filling his head with important world changing knowledge or partying with his friends which is more likely, who’s the car slave around here? Me. I have to do most of errands when mom and dad are at work. Toilet paper and frozen pizza’s don’t teleport to the house, you know…”
I tried to speak, but Mia stopped me. She still had something to say.
“Wait, there is more. I have to go pay the bills because you know that our parents are too old fashioned to have bills paid automatically by computers.”
Dad walked by my room and heard Mia’s comment. He said, “I like to know where the money goes and how much you three are costing your mom and me. The old fashioned way helps me keep an eye on the budget”
“Whatever, I don’t care dad!” I said. Mia seemed to agree with me.
Mia continued where she had left off, “See? Why would you want all these extra work? Sometimes I wish I had never learned to drive,” Mia sighed.
“But everyone in this family can drive except me. Eventually I could do the errands when you go to university next year,” I said with a puppy face.
“Eventually means in about 4 years, when you get your permanent license. This discussion is ended, you are just too young,” dad said while he walked in and pulled Mia out of the room.

I can’t believe that they won’t teach me how to drive. I gave them logical reasons why I should be able to learn, but the final reason against me was that I was too young… too young. I tried to be mature, but that didn’t work, so I guess I will have to think of a way to get what I want. I may have to do some manipulating, but this is war. It may take some time to put all the pieces together, but I am patient and determined. Besides, what is the worst thing that can happen? If I fail, I will just be where I started.

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