An Occasion of Thirds

November 6, 2011
By MissSarahLeah GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
MissSarahLeah GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
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Part I:
Navy fabric hugged her waist like a glove; her flawless legs slanted casually as she leaned in giggling, and whispered something in his ear. She twirled wheat colored hair around her finger like a school girl, and I could almost imagine a big red sucker bulging out of her cheek. Beaming, she flicked her eyes back and forth across his face, and he smiled back in return.
I stood near, peering around the edge of the file cabinet, my delicate hands clutching a clipboard and my narrow reading glasses perched at the tip of my nose. I wondered what he saw in her. Why he even gave her the time of day... She was nothing but a ditsy little harlot. Even her name left a bad taste in my mouth: Sharon. This was not okay. This would not continue.
With a gleam in her eye, Sharon turned and waved me over. My heart sinking to my stomach, I approached the pair.
“Wallie, I was just thinking how fun it’d be for us all to go to dinner,” Sharon smirked. “You can find a date right?” I didn’t think it was possible for my heart to sink any lower than my stomach, but it dropped straight down to the floor. What am I supposed to do? Let them go on a date? I don’t think so.
“I prefer Wallace,” I retorted coldly. “And I’d love to. Where at?” I astonished even myself with this bold attitude. Never had I spoken to anyone at the office so directly and it was obvious to me that I had caught Sharon off guard. Feeling full of power from my newfound confidence, I added “You know, it’s time for my lunch, so just leave me a memo and I’ll get back to you… oh… when I get a chance.” I returned the smirk, “Thanks.” And turning on my heel, I trotted out of the office, chin up.

Part II:
I could feel the gentle rub of chiffon upon my legs, and my pointed navy stilettos gleamed in the grey office lighting. With a lustrous laugh, I leaned in casually and whispered “So, do you wanna do something tonight?” I gazed at his face and spun my silky blond hair around my finger, red nails peeking through. He’s already interested. I thought with a smirk. He kind of nodded, smiling, and I knew he couldn’t resist me.

I looked over and saw that mousy secretary; Wallace was her name if I was remembering correctly. She grasped her clipboard possessively and her eyes bulged out with frantic worry. I turned back to Will and put up a thin finger—wordlessly communicating wait—before beckoning to Wallace, and luring her from her hiding spot. She slowly slouched over, looking as though she was headed to the gallows.

“Wallie, I was just thinking how fun it’d be for us all to go to dinner,” I smiled. “You can find a date, right?” Wallace looked as though she was choking, and I could nearly envision her clutching the empty air, begging for a breath. But almost simultaneously, she straightened her shoulders and pursed her lips.
“I prefer Wallace,” She snapped icily. “And I’d love to. Where at?” I was paralyzed with bewilderment. What right did feeble little Wallace have to speak to me that way! My mind blank, I could think of nothing to say; I glared at Wallace in spite, but was unable to pull forth any words. I was about to open my mouth when Wallace spoke again. “You know, it’s time for my lunch, so just leave me a memo and I’ll get back to you… oh… when I get a chance.” She smirked and my eyebrows rose in disbelief. “Thanks.” Wallace added before turning and striding off. I looked at Will but he was following Wallace down the hall with his eyes. That little…

Part III:

I need to finish that report for the times tonight… looks like I’m staying late.
“Ahem?” She was looking at me expectantly.

“Oh, sorry,” I shook my head. “What was that again?” She gave a coy smile, leaning forward a little too close for comfort if you asked me.

“So, do you wanna do something tonight?” I raised my eyebrows. No Sharon, some of us actually have work to do tonight. For some reason, I nodded and smiled politely. Caught off guard by the way she was gazing at me, I looked away, unnerved. She turned around and put up one finger while waving over to the corner. At first confused, I was startled by the approach of Wallace, my secretary. She glided across the room; her gold-brown eyes were glowing, and her cheeks were flushed. Sharon spoke, “Wallie, I was just thinking how fun it’d be for us all to go to dinner.” My eyes widened; what was she doing? “You can find a date, right?” Wallace appeared a little unstable, worried. I began to raise my arm, hoping to catch her if she fell. But rather abruptly, she looked perfectly calm, even determined—and to me, quite lovely.
“I prefer Wallace,” She snapped frostily. “And I’d love to. Where at?” I couldn’t hold back a small smile, and I barely managed to stifle outright laughter. Wallace didn’t notice however, and neither did Sharon. Their eyes were locked on each other, and I could almost imagine them as two wild cats preparing for battle. Only Wallace was a sleek leopard, and Sharon was a feeble housecat. “You know, it’s time for my lunch, so just leave me a memo and I’ll get back to you… oh… when I get a chance.” Wallace smirked and turned on her heel “Thanks.” She shot back, her small heels rapping against the floor as she strode out. I had never once seen Wallace express such assertiveness, and I couldn’t help but be impressed.

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