The Amazing World of andy

November 28, 2011
By Mr.TNT101 BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
Mr.TNT101 BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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We were at Independent Lake Camp which is in the Pocono Mountains. We were in Digital arts discussing what we were going to do for talent-no-talent with the cobalt blue waves of Lake Independent licking the gravely shores of my camp. The people there were me, Andy, Rachel, Gyorgy, Alan, and some other campers. Our first idea was to do a Springtime for Hitler kind of show. Most people liked the idea, but some people thought it would be too difficult to perform. The next idea was to do a video of Friday but from around our camp. Friday was Gyorgy’s favorite song. When it was playing for the people that didn’t know the song, he was singing the song and dancing to the music. Andy was laughing as hard as he could. Nobody knew what he was laughing at, so I started laughing at him because he was laughing. After I was laughing, everybody else was laughing.
BAM! WHACK! CRASH! Went Andy’s roller chair as he zoomed around trying to dodge the other obstacles (people) in the room “Andy I think you’re hyper,” I said to my British friend.
“What?” he answered confused.
“I SAID I THINK YOU’RE HYPER!” I yelled at him laughing.
“I don’t think so” he wearily replied. Throughout our whole conversation his face was getting as red as a rose. During the discussion, the ice cream cart had come around, and Andy got some. At first he started to talk a kind of weirdly, then his face started turning red and everybody was laughing at him. It- had to be one of the greatest moments at camp. I always hope that next summer my good friend Andy gets invited back to my awesome camp.

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