November 26, 2011
The tree outside my window is slowly changing colors. From the worn and faded green, transforming into a brilliant array of yellow and orange. They leave behind the memories of Summer and begin creating new ones. The painter taking His paintbrush to each leaf, giving them their own life, allowing them to change at their own pace. The scarlet red leaves, almost like a fire, warming up the chilly Autumn morning. Contrasting against the cloudy, gray sky, just as a candle in a dark room. While I am mesmerized by the beauty of nature, at the bottom, left side of the tree, the first leaf falls. It is then that I realize something. Soon all of the leaves will fall in a fiery colored rain, one after the other, leaving the trees bare and seemingly lonely in the cold weather. But like every part of life, there is something to look forward to. As the seasons go on, new leaves will appear almost as quickly as they left.

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