All Good Things Come To An End

November 25, 2011
By Saint-Patrick94 BRONZE, Adelaide, Other
Saint-Patrick94 BRONZE, Adelaide, Other
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Vai a farte fottere

It never should have ended like this... Anyone
but her. She would've made such a difference for
us all, I shouldn't be laying here cradling her
quiet, fading body, feeling like this is all my fault.
Maybe I... She needed me more than Tracy ever did and
even though I was of her and the possibility of the control
she would have over me. I should have done so much more than I did,
I promised I would never let her get as bad as Karla did and now look where I am!
I broke the one promise I never should have and look at what it's done to her.

She's so cold to touch but in a way she seems perfect. She has the slightest smile
on her lips and her hand is resting in mine, I always thought she had a beautiful
smile and it broke my heart to never see it. This has to be the one time I've
Believed her smile to be a truly happy one. Her skin is soft against my hand, we must
have been sitting here a while as her blood feels cold on my shirt.

I pick her up from the floor and carry her to the bath. I run the water as I undress
her lifeless body. I go and find a needle and thread and wash her down and seal her
wound. I dry her off and dress her in a simple black dress and do her make up, place
her shoes on her feet and slide her bracelets around her wrists. I lay her on the
bedroom floor next to me and hold her hand as I lean over and close her eyes, I kiss
her gently on the cheek and sit up. Maybe... Maybe she is actually happy? Maybe my
promise wasn't broken... Ah who am I kidding? I stuffed her life up so badly.

I remove my shirt and pick up the still bloody knife and place the tip to my ribs.
I breath deeply for the last time as I hear her mother come through the door. The
knife digs deep and I see her mothers face as I fall. I close my eyes and hope they
find my note explaining everything. I'm not sorry and have only one regret, that I
could not save her.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after a friend of mine spoke about killing herself and as a sister to me I had to try and stop her. This is sort of what might have happened if she did. She read it and was so happy someone actually cared about her, though was sad I would do this if she killed herself.

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