Not A Second To Spare

November 18, 2011
By Hannita M... BRONZE, San Jose, Other
Hannita M... BRONZE, San Jose, Other
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“ And now… I call to the field the home team! The home team… the La Yolla Falcons!!!” cried enthusiastically our school announcer into the microphone. The bleachers were full everyone anxious to watch the game. Everyone was clapping.

When our team was called we all jogged out of the locker rooms and ran onto the field clapping. I am really nervous, the representatives are here and I have to play well, I told myself. Then I walked to the center where our opponent’s team captain was already standing near the referees.

“I want a clean game boys. Heads or Tails?” stated the referee holding a coin.

“Heads” said the other team captain. I really didn’t mind what side of the coin we got because it is just chance. If we don’t get it now we will get it later.

“Tails” I answered

The coin went up into the sky rotating so many uncountable time and then landed on the grass.

“Tails it is!” Our ball, yeah!

The starter buzzer rang and I instantly got the ball in my hands. Start the game strong…start the game strong, That’s all I got to do is start the game strong. I repeated over and over again to keep confidence. On second down we were about 40 yards from the end zone. Then amazingly by fourth down we made the first touchdown of the game. The croud roared all I could see in the crowd were hands up clapping and people shouting. It was incredible. This was going to be a good game.

So here’s the plan, I play half game then leave, change, and run to room 305 for the chess match. I just hope teddy is able to keep them going late and a little occupied so they still let me play. I just hope its not too late. c’mon I can do this.

The game went full on with adrenalin and before I knew it we had the ball again. Then I called hut. Of course instantly I received the cold ball and I looked up. Luke took three steps forward and cut. I passed the ball directly into his hands. Then he started sprinting. He could this.

All of a sudden everything went black. Everything slowed down. Someoine was one me. Finally after what seemed like and eternity they got up. I have to get up, I told myself, but my arm hurt a little but I could still play. While I was getting up I turned aroundto see why everybody was screaming and jumping and clapping. We had made ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN. This is going to be good. Calmly our kicker made the field goal and we were 14 to 0. Us winning! Nothing could go wrong. The only thing that was bothering me was if the representatives would give me the scholarship or not, If my father would be proud or not, If I let anybody down?

I spotted the clock. There are only a few seconds left. Then the other team got the ball and then the buzzer rang. It’s halftime and we are winning!

“Yes!!” I screamed to everybody. Now before anybody could pull me to do something I jogged to the locker rooms, took my uniforms off, and my shoulder pads. I put on a more formal coat and ran to the building where the match was going to take place. Then I ran and finally got there. I excused myself from being late and said hello to everybody. I got there without a second to spare. It was lucky. Now I have to win.

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on Nov. 30 2011 at 11:42 am
jbkarlinsey BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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first comment :)) so yeah, this story is kinda awesome and it's really good because you can tell what the character is feeling and how excited he is :) good job!!

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