November 17, 2011
I imagine throwing myself into your arms while shouting your name. Wrapping my legs around your waist, laughing as we fall to the ground. I imagine looking into your eyes and knowing complete happiness, wanting nothing more than to be with you forever. I can imagine the way your lips would feel on mine, the way your hair would feel between my fingers. I can picture you lying in the grass with laughter in your eyes, making me feel like the luckiest girl alive. I would kiss you fervently, sometimes catching your mouth, sometimes not, and yet not really caring. Just knowing that you’re here, and not another figment of my overactive imagination. I can see your smile, the tiny wrinkles that come to life around your eyes. The creases that haven’t seen enough of the daylight, I love the way they make your face light up. Almost as though they’ve been waiting for me, like the stars just waiting for the darkness of night. I would stare at you, not caring how strange we looked, just taking in the magic of the moment and praying for it to last. I can imagine closing my eyes and just leaning into you, breathing in your scent, pressing my nose against yours lightly. I envision us lying there for what feels like hours, just staring into each others eyes, taking in the awkwardness and using it to our advantage. I don’t see any reason for us to talk, afraid it would ruin the fascination. I can see myself pressing my lips to your neck, taking in every bit of you along the way. I would move my lips along the edge of your jaw, eyes closed, just enjoying the feel of this electrical spark we’re creating. Slowly I would move towards your mouth, not knowing what would come, and delighting in the excitement. A quick glance into each others eyes, and a sudden plunge into the unknown.

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