November 9, 2011
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Happiness can be found even in the most darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights

Okay so its 9:00pm Saturday night and I’m in my room watching my favorite TV show of all time….south park! “Ow! What are you doing Cartman?” says Kyle annoyed as usual by Cartman’s hatred towards him. Cartman replies with an evil remark by saying “I’m killing you but I could only afford a wiffle ball bat so it’s going to take a while.”

Oh that Cartman! What an idiot but he’s still the best character there and he always makes the show even funnier than it already is. Then just as the episode was about to get interesting….ZAP! The lights go out. I hate it when this happens because I always end up being stuck in a dark room with nothing to do, for a little while anyways. My dad usually brings in some candles after some time when ever the electricity is gone.

Then just when I was starting to think he’d forgotten I hear a nock at my door. “Come in!” I yelled. The door opens and there’s my dad with the candles! “Charlie! He says. Got some candles for you, can you believe it? The entire city has gone out tonight. Must be a technical glitch or something, anyways try and find something to do till the lights come back. Grab a book or listen to you’re I-pod but whatever you do don’t just sit here and do nothing all night. Right now is not the best time to be alone with your thoughts with no electricity if you know what I mean. Well see you later hey son!”
“Bye dad and thanks for the candles!”

Right, now that that’s sorted what to do what to do? As I look around my dimly lit room I see that there’s actually very little to do unfortunately. First of I checked how much battery was left in my I-pod…..nothing. Great of all times for it not to have any power, well I guess the only options left is to either read a book or sit here listening to my thoughts all night….the book it is!

20 minuets gone by….still no power. 30 minuets gone by….still no power. 45 minuets gone by…wow what’s going on out there? They have never been gone for this long before. An hour gone by….still nothing and I’m getting bored of reading already. One hour and 15 minuets gone by……one hour and 30 minuets gone by, then just as I was starting to think the lights where never going to come back….ZAP! They finally did. “Good news Charlie the lights are back! Now go to bed and get some rest, night son.”

Ha-ha my dad actually thinks that I’m going to go to bed now, soon after I’ve just checked and discovered that there’s still South Park playing? Sorry dad but South Park now, rest later.

“I’m not fat, I’m just big boned.” Said Cartman, irritated.

Oh that cartman! What an idiot.

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