Through My Eyes

November 21, 2011
They gave me away. They showed the pain I felt, landing on the page. My eyes were traitors, those tears streaming down my face.

I hid myself in my book; letting my dark hair fall over me like a shield.

NO! I wanted to yell: None of it was true. No matter how hard I tried, I could hear, I could hear the words streaming from her mouth, and creeping into my ears. They broke me apart. I thought it would stop. With every word, something inside me heart broke; a little piece fell off. There was barely any left, for all the years I suffered.

The 14 years that have turned my soul dark...

I had given up, convinced my self that she was telling the truth. That those words she calls me are true. That the anger and hatred I see on my mothers face, are deserved. That I am good for nothing, and that is how it always will be.

I wasn't crying because she was yelling at me, I was crying for all my lost dreams and hopes. I was crying because I knew that I was worthless.

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