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November 21, 2011
By shadex82 SILVER, Joplin, Missouri
shadex82 SILVER, Joplin, Missouri
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The alarm rang through Andrew’s room. He placed his pillow over his head trying to block it out but to no avail. He sat up on his bed and looked over at the black clock it showed that it was three thirty. He sighed and reached his hand over to turn it off and then turned on the lamp that was on his wooden dresser next to his bed. The flood of light overwhelmed him and he was forced to close his eyes shut. He was limited to squinting at first but got use to it quickly. His room was trashed there were country music cds everywhere along with clothes and some video games. He had a TV that was across from the end of his bed and the door just right of the TV. He yawned and got up to stretch. He quickly threw on a pair blue jeans and a plain grey shirt. He grabbed his black cowboy hat as he left the room turned left and went down the narrow hall to the bathroom. Along the walls there were pictures of his family’s ranch. As he went into the bathroom he placed his hat on the rack in front of the sink. He turned on the faucet and splashed water on his face then looked at the mirror. Andrew was pretty fit he was about 5 foot 11 his hair was bleach blond. His eyes were a deep blue. He was 17 and almost out of high school. “You up boy” his father called from down stairs. “Yea just hold on I’m coming” Andrew called down.“ Well you better hurry the animals need to be fed” his father said. Andrew quickly turned off the light and the faucet and ran down the stairs, witch led into a small living room, his father was sitting on the couch watching the TV. He had a coffee mug in his hand and was wearing similar attire as Andrew. He had a small beard but looked very similar to Andrew. “ Alright feed the pigs and the horses then we will need to split some wood before winter comes” his father said struggling to get up. “I can do it ill be fine” Andrew said before his father could hurt himself Andrew slipped on his boots and walked out the door before his dad could object. As Andrew stepped on to the porch a gust of fresh morning air hit him with full force. The sun had just begun to rise but it was bright enough for him to see. He surveyed the landscape of the ranch there were a few trees but the land stretched pretty far out he could see the pig pins to the right and the horses stables to the left he sighed and grabbed the two buckets of slop that were by the doors and headed to the pig pin. He reached over the side of the pin and poured the slop into the trough. The pigs trampled over each other to get to the food. Andrew yawned and continued his work. He finished every thing by seven and headed to the house when he walked into the door he found a plate of eggs and bacon at the table. He found his father still on the couch “ you okay today dad” Andrew asked. “Yea I’m fine just tired” he said with a yawn. There was a short silence between them “dad I was wondering if I could go to the rodeo and ride” Andrew asked looking at his dad with hopeful. “You no that I don’t want you riding the bulls” his father said. “Why I am old enough and I deserve a chance,” Andrew screamed. “You know exactly why you cant” his dad said a little agitated. “No I know why you wont let me” Andrew screamed “your brother died riding a bull I don’t want to lose you to, your all I have left” his dad said saddened. “I am not my brother I can do this you have to give me a chance” Andrew asked looking at his father with pleading eyes. “I ...I just cant” his father said. Andrew stormed off up stairs and slammed his door “he just doesn’t understand” his father said picking up a picture frame. In it was Andrews’s brother in his full bull rider gear. There was a knock at the door and Andrews father walked over to open in it. Standing out side was a skinny man with jet black hair “hey Jake how’s it going” he said with a smile “its been rough martin rough” Andrews father said. martin was about thirty-four. He was wearing dirty jeans and a yellow shirt. “Is it Andrew wanting to be a bull rider again” martin asked. “Yeah” Jake replied. “I’m sure its just a phase nothing to be worried about” martin said patting Jake’s shoulder. “I hope so” he said and asked Martin to come in. Andrew swore and threw as football across his room “I deserve a chance and I am going to get it to day” he said to himself his cell phone vibrated on his dresser he picked it up and looked who was calling and answered hey James what is going on you coming to the rodeo or not I am in front of your house” James said excited “ yea just hold on a moment I will meet you out there” Andrew said and hung up he looked down stairs and could tell his father was watching the local rodeo “this will be chance to show you what I am made of dad” he said to himself. He went back into his room and grabbed his brother’s gear out of the closet. He opened the window and went down the tree.”

“ ’Bout time” James said as Andrew got in the truck.
“Yea I know go hurry before my dad comes out” and with that James hit the gas and they were out of site.

Martin yawned and reached for the remote “ almost ‘bout time for the rodeo” he said and flipped through the channels “am I being to rough on Andrew” Jake asked. “Naa he needs it if ya don’t want him on them bulls then your taken the right path any way rodeos on come on sit down relax” Martin said A little agitated. “Ya your right” Jake said and sat back down on the couch. He turned his attention to the TV. “Welcome all and all are welcome to join us on this lovely night were here the third annual bell county rodeo we have a fine set of young cowboys lookin to make a name for them selves inst that right Tim. Ya you sure are right Tom and what a big day it is for them well lets get a line up on our cowboys lets see we have ten of them coming up first is Garry Crades next we have…”
“Andrew the rodeo is on you should come on down” Jake yelled up the stairs but there was no answer “Andrew you all right” he yelled up again. “Hey I think you may want to look at this” Martin said pointing at the TV. Our ninth cowboy is James summers and last but not least the brother of Jacob Crane Jr. Andrew Crane. Tom listen to this crowd cheer I think we found our fan favorite of the knight and we expect big things from Andrew tonight.” Jake turned off the TV and quickly grabbed his jacket “come on Marvin we need to get there now” he said and nearly tripped as he ran out the door

Andrew could feel the excitement when the announcer called his name ha could barely hold in his own as he headed back to the shoots where the others were getting there numbers he came up to James who was smiling “how’s it feel” he said. “Amazing! I just cant believe it” Andrew said pumped “what’s our order” “well I'm third and you are right after me your ridden one the meanest bull out here tonight Roadrunner” he said still grinning “who you ridding” Andrew said with a chuckle “buck Barry it’s a weirdo name” James said “well looks like the first two are up you should go get your stuff ready” he said and went off in the opposite direction Andrew put on his brothers red chaps black boots and black hat. He stretched out his bull rope by the time he was done they called him to the shoots he helped the others get the rope on Roadrunner and then sat down on him he watched as they pulled James ‘s shoot the bull bucked a lot to the right he tried to hang on but got bucked off “wow that wasn’t his best ride but it was ok it came in at 6.54 seconds lets see if Andrew can get the 8 on his first try its In his blood” the announcers said over head he looked out into the crowd and saw his dad rushing to get to him but it was to late the bull fighters pulled the rope that opened the shoot and he was out
Time seemed to slow down he could no longer hear the crowd it was him and Roadrunner first he bucked to the right and boy did he buck hard he eventually stopped but then aggressively started to the left Andrew almost lost his grip but readjusted himself as the bull bucked he held his breath and kept riding then he heard the buzzer and jumped off. He could hear the crowd again and their cheers James was looking astonished but ecstatic “he did it folks that was an amazing ride for a first time ride he walked back to the shots were his father was standing with a disappointed look
“You disobeyed me and you snuck out” he said, “I am sorry I just” his father gave him a hug cutting him off in mid sentence “and that was some of the best bull ridin I’ve ever seen from a rookie and I lookin forward to more” Jake said.

The author's comments:
once again this is a short story i wrote when i was experimenting with genres but i got insperation from my father

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