Shattered Destinies and Broken Hearts

November 12, 2011
Things were never meant to be this way. They were destined for shared kisses in the night, cuddling in the cold and exploring each others skin at any given moment. They weren't meant for chilling silences that filled up the gaps between them or the emptiness in their ribcages of where their love use to be for each other, they were especially not built for the bitter goodbyes or the boiling anger that spilled over into destructive fights and acidic words.

And as they stared, long and hard at each other across the wooden desk, they knew this was not meat to happen. She was the first one to look down at the papers, tainted with inked words and the ticket to her freedom. Her eyes, blue and glazed, averted to her wedding ring. It use to signify her future, a promise of a life filled with love, butterfly kisses and never being lonely. But now her bed had been cold for months, no longer holding his scent with each wash of the sheets and she hadn't felt his arms around her waist for an even longer time than that. She bit her lip, a habit of hers and looked back to the papers and picked up the pen.

Her fingers shook but the pen remained in her grip and glided across the page. She finished signing, her name staring back at her in blue script. She took a deep inhale and a long exhale. She was surprised she could even breathe, since the fabric of her dress seemed to constrict the expansion of her chest. Or maybe it was because her being there made everything even more real. Her fingers shifted in her lap, not knowing what to truly do with them now that they had done their job.

On the other side she could hear his steady breathing, instantly missing the way she use to glide her fingers across his chest, or all over his skin in order to memorize every inch of him. Her hands twitched. She stiffened when her ears picked up the sound of pen meeting paper. Her head snapped up, looking in shock as she watched him, hunched over and calm, scribbling his name in that chicken scratch that he called hand writing.

Reality seemed to crash into her like an unforgiving wave from a disturbed ocean. And it seemed to sink her under the depth of sadness and desperate madness.

'No, no, no...' Her mind repeated like a broken record player, the mantra sending her swirling into action.


But she screamed out too late, the papers were already signed and she was now divorced. Her husband, no, ex husband stared at her in shock but in the end, he just shook his head and rose from his seat. And the moment that killed her inside, was when he dared turn his back on her and walk not, never glancing back, never bothering to see what he was leaving behind to blend into the background of his past.

All she could do was watch him exit, tears dripping down her face and sobs tearing through her delicate body. He was gone and she was alone, like always. And no matter how much she hated it, she couldn't get him back. It was just another pill she had to swallow, one she desperately wanted to cough up.

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OurSTORY said...
Nov. 27, 2011 at 1:28 pm
wow... this was awesome so much feeling and very real feeling.
dablayangel replied...
Dec. 30, 2011 at 1:23 am
Sorry the response is so late: Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this piece. :) And thank you for the kind words. Have a nice day.
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